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3 1/2 Months Post-Surgery, 6'2, 224


In the past few years I dropped about 115+ pounds off my body and had to get a tummy tuck. I did not get gastric by pass or anything.

These pix are 3 ½ months or so after surgery (recent).

Got it the day after Christmas!!

I'm not that big yet but Im workin on it.

Im about 224-226lbs 6'2" and 8-9% body fat last time I got measured


Heres a back double Bicep.


Heres a back Lat. Im not that good at this pose yet


For training I use the A.T.S. program from Scivation. Its created by Derek Charlebois.
Its an Agonist-Antagonist lift. I like it a lot.
For example: Bench Press (1 min rest) Bent Over Row (1 minute rest then repeat) its this design for every muscle group except forearms and calves. And dead-lift is by its self.

As for the diet im a broke a** college student so I buy whatever is cheapest. Im aiming toward the C.H.A. diet from Scivation, with some modifications.

Dead-Lift - 405x6 (Not bad for just having surgery)
Bench 225x12
Bent Over Row 185x
Squat 335x4
Straight Leg Dead-Lift 270x6
Barbell Curl 90x12
Skull Crushers 135x5

If you want to know any other lifts let me know. I cant think of any other good ones right now.

Quads Both 26i
Calves Both 16i
Forearms Both 12i
Arms (Flexed) Left 16i Right 15.5i (I know my arms are weak as hell right now)
Shoulders 50.5i
Chest 44.25i
Waist 34.75i


Almost forgot some wheels


Rear shot


Sorry the pics are so close up. I had to crop em to post.

Always looking for tips and disussion. I know a lot of you are knowlegable and honest which is why im here to listen.


Legs need a lot of work.

And your posing suck which is to say it's hard to see how much muscle you're carrying because you're not displaying it well.


Brutally honest opinion. nice

My first show isnt for about a year from now so im not to worried about posing right now. Still need someone to teach me yet


Ghost - by legs did you possibly mean everything except legs? Haha it looks to me like his legs are much better than the rest of him.

OP - congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome. Don't know if I'd suggest a show in a year, I'd probably say add some quality mass for a while.


Gmoore - yeah I?ll agree with that. Even if I were to do the show in one year its just for my college. It?s not a hardcore show at all. It would be a great learning experience.

Thanks for the input


First of, congrats on such a dramatic transformation. Has the scar line faded from your surgery?


You look pretty decent for such a huge fat loss, man, keep it up!

How long did it take you to drop the weight off and how hard it was to get that lean?


Lookin' good OP! Glad to see you're on the right track. We get a lot of 130 lb kids in here so some people are used to giving blunt comments. Keep up the good work and keep doing what you're doing!!


what happened to your arms?


ehh hasnt faded yet but he said with the diet I have and the mass amount of Mederma I put on it the scar should pretty much fade 100%. But if not its bad ass anyway haha


thank a ton! The entire transformation took me about 8 years. It was a loooong process up until the surgery. And honestly once I got my diet in check it wasnt to hard getting lean. Im pretty determined so it helps


what do you mean what happened to them? Im guessing your talking about size? Yea their weak but thats just a weakness I gotta work with and get em big