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2xBodyweight Deadlifts for 16 Reps


I am not a big poster but recently I have seen some very good videos and thought I would throw one of mine into the mix. I started deadlifting at the beginning of last summer (never pulled before that because I had a back surgery in 2005 and was worried about messing up my back) and it has become my favorite lift. I love watching other people's deadlift videos. I just saw hulk963 post 3xbodyweight and love that stuff.

A few days ago I tried pulling as many reps as possible with double my bodyweight, which is 175 lbs. I got 350x16, which was a PR. I don't do high rep deads a lot just because it is very taxing, but I enjoy it when I do.

Here it is.

I hope to see more people posting videos because it definitely helps for motivation.


wa wa wee wa, very nice lifting!


BEAST.Serious lifting there man,fair play.


That was pretty awesome, dude.


Nice vid


Good job. I bet it hurt to walk the next day. hahahaha.


Good Looks...keep working!


Thanks guys! I appreciate it.

Brett 295- Yea I was definitely hurting the day after, still am. I did them two days ago and the soreness is pretty brutal.


Bruno, i'm never shocked when I see that the person doing some crazy ass intense set is you. Good job.


that almost my goal to doi this and this guy made it look easy! Beast!


Awesome Lifting, but WTF is up with all these guys deadlifting for reps, its pointless guys.

RDL and stiff legs for reps are fine but a deadlift is one rep sets.

Why you ask?, to prevent injury, to achieve proper technique and form for the one rep.

ex: 80% to 90% of max for one

set 1: 80% to 90% X 1
set 2: 80% to 90% X 1
set 3: 80% to 90% X 1
set 4: 80% to 90% X 1 (optional)
set 5: 80% to 90% X 1 (optional)

Just looking out for your lower backs, when it becomes compromised after the first rep.



Sweet shirt... did you get it from that promotional deal EliteFTS had earlier this summer? I have it too! Good lifts too!


Who told you a deadlift is one rep set...??
Because im gonna point you a lots of people who deadlift for reps...


Great lift. What band is that?


Thanks guys!

Therizza- Yea it's from that promotional deal. I think that shirt must have some added powers because my lifts always go up when wearing it.

Kasavage- The song is called "Halo" by Soil


Damn Captain Zero, your post sure is knowledgeable and on topic. We'll all make sure to try your sweet program next week.

Nice effort, kudos on the ballbuster set. Do you compete? Or just lift for fun?


going to have to say this works alot of the time, but repping out deads once in a while is a very ncie break and sometimes leads me to a pr the next week and i have never hurt my lowerback on high rep deads, only on maximul pulls.


Great lifting but I can't imagine finding the lockout harder than getting it off the floor lol. What do you find makes you so good at ripping it off the floor? Any specific exercise?


You need to do more RDL or Dimmel Deadlifts to fix this issue.
I rep out to 3 reps once in a blue moon, growth happens with big weights not high reps.
One rep set will teach your CNS and body to give it your all for the one rep.
The lift is called the DEADLIFT it is dead weight on the ground that is lifted, afterwards the weight is no longer dead.


Weird, your profile says your best pulls are 500x6 and 545x4. One would think you'd have put your 1 repper in there since that's all you do...