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2x5 mg Dbol and 2x5 mg Stanozolol?

Just ran a 8 week TE 500 and currently bridging with the above
said orals for 8 weeks after…I have definitely matured
the gains with the orals.

I was Interested as to how hepatotoxic the 10 mg of dbol + 10 mg of stanozolol is…so I can adjust the bridge or resume
Another 8-10 week TE cycle…

Thanks for your input!



I think Bonez is gone unfortunately.

I am not one who has any answers, Ive never cycled, but why the orals for 8 weeks following the test? I understand that some say low dose orals can be used to avoid suppression, but this sounds somewhat like a "cruise) if im not mistaken. If cruising is what you are doing, why not use a low dose of test or test and mast? That seems like a much safer bet than “cruising” on dbol and winstrol. Are you attempting to avoid suppression? And if your not cruising, why not just a test taper like Prisoner recommended, if your goal is to come off gradually and “mature your gains”, as opposed to a standard PCT?

sounds like you’ve failed to understand the concept of bridging to me