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2x4 Through the Windscreen


Holy crap batman!

Talk about being lucky.


DAYUM!!! That was scary!


O shit, close call!! I always wonder why you would be filming that in the first place?


I was wondering that as well, unless they were testing a new camera fresh from the store...but yea, he had some serious luck that day.


I believe it was a woman driving!


that made me jump! seriously lucky!

and 2nd'd on the why was she filming WHILE DRIVING?!?!


Holy moly! I think my gut reaction would have been to duck, but man is she lucky.

My dad sends me links all the time about people getting decapitated/maimed while driving from flying debris and it's hard to believe how many times it DOES happen.


Shit, really?

I didn't think it would be that common, now I want a bullet-proof windscreen damnit.


I think perhaps it's not so uncommon for people to video their car trips. My son did it once.

Although the odds of capturing that shit on camera are slim, it truly is amazing how many crazy things have been captured on film over the years!


Sometimes you'll hear of a news item where some idiot intentionally drops a concrete block from atop an overpass, and the subsequent devastation to a life driving below.


That is some pretty epic footage. Driver didn't even flinch! It was hard to see what happened but the trailer looking thing being pulled in front of his car ran over the 2x4 on the side of the road and sent it up into the air. Then his car caught it mid air moving however fast he was going. The force behind that probably would have crushed his skull and sent brain matter out the sides. Freaky shit.


Oh hells yea. I think wherever he/she got hit it would've been death. If not from the initial impact of the 2x4 itself then from the 2x4 bouncing around in the cab when they lost control and the vehicle went tumbling.

That's serious luck!


Unfortunately, you're right.

I can't find one story I wanted to share, a cancer patient was on his/her way to begin getting chemotherapy, a truck driving opposite hits the median, a chunk of concrete flies through the windshield decapitating the cancer patient. Some Final Destination shit right there!

This guy was killed by a mud basketball flying in his car http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=7283775

And this story is just weird-passenger gets decapitated, and the dude just drives home and goes to sleep. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread84611/pg1

Edit: Last story doesn't involve debris, still strange


Holy fuck!

Either he was really, really hammered - or he suffered shock and loss of memory.

That is just terrible though.... wow.


Weird! I actually remember hearing about this one as I lived in that area, and now live even closer. I drive on that road all the time. I wonder exactly where he got decapitated. Straaaaaange.


From the neck I would wager.

sorry sorry, my bad....

will leave the thread now ^^


Very disturbing shit right there...


Some kids did it to a fire engine near where I lived. Apparently it was going pretty quickly too as it was responding to an emergency. No one was hurt, luckily.

Videos like the one above really scare me. It just goes to show the fragility of life. Sometimes our imagination lets us down - no matter how often I recall the video above, it isn't as impacting as the real thing. Crazy.


Caution, graphic: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,550963,00.html


Lucky day