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If I were to train with the 28 weeks program doing the 2 day/week template. Whats a smart suggestion for conditioning ?


That depends on how good/bad shape you are, your ability to recover, what you have acces to, schedule etc...


This is gold! This is a perfect answer. Have a great new year, Sami.


Damn , I got served...well thank you for your wisdom.


You didn't get "served" at all. It's an impossible question to answer. What I do is 100% different than what the HS kids do here. Which is different than what Joey Waters does. Which is different than what I did 5 years ago. And much different than what my wife does.

The KEY is principles and goals. When those two things are matched with discipline, all things become clear.


I didnt mean to be "cocky" with my answer, so like Jim said, you didnt get "served" at all.

Have a great & strong year 2016 guys!