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2x2x2 First Pl Meet



I have been on and off training and making progress for the past 5 years - same old excuses. Marriage, moving house, study again, new career, 2 kids… Thought signing up for a yearly meet from now in will help me focus on improving.

I train 2x a week following 2x2x2 due to time constraints. I pause all pressing reps and reset deads - just because its hard and maybe more “meet like”??

Would you guys change anything in terms of approach to training for the meet? The meet is a year away! ( October 17)

I thought just do 2x2x2 and a month out skip assistance/conditioning/rep prs.

Or should i be following the 531 for Pl idea of hitting some singles after 3 and 1 weeks all year round?

Will this be optimal? 2 days a week is max i spend weight training.

Any thoughts will help, thanks.



Or has anyone tried The NOV Template, page 56, from 531 For PL Book? Just overall awesomeness?

Main Lift (PR or required rep)
1-2 Assistance
Hard Condition

I could try this 2 or 3 X a week and go 5/6 week per cycle.

One cycle pre meet cut pr set, assistance and sprints out.