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2x2x2...Extra Workout?


I’ve been alternating between hypertrophy and strength cycles (as written) with 2x2x2 and have been making great progress. I’m 46 and have a family so I can’t commit to a 3 or 4 day program consistently. I’m wondering if I could add a 3rd workout the weeks where I find that I have extra time. I was thinking of adding something like the full body deload (in Beyond) or just an easy workout where I do a single-leg exercise, a push, a pull and some low back/abs. It would be kind of like the suggestions in the “Training for Busy Men” article. I like doing 2x2x2 over a 2 day workout with squat/bench and deadlift/press because I like focusing on just one main lift per workout instead of two. Will adding an extra day screw things up?


Reread your first sentence until it sinks in.

You’re welcome.


Boom! Thanks for preventing me from f-ing things up.