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Has anyone ever tried a strength session in the morning and a size session at night. curious… I need to workout a little extra to see gains. I have noticed this over the past 6 months so i was wondering…

I was talking with an ex-bodybuilder as well as ex-powerlifter and he said that for a good while he’d do a maxing oriented program (something like 3x3 or maybe even similar to a Westside ME day) with long rest periods and a cardio-oriented program in the evening.

He also ate a 2,000 calorie meal first thing in the morning so doing something cardio-oriented in the morning would’ve entailed all 2,000 being blown on the floor.

If that were me puking a 2,000 calorie meal, I’d be on all fours lapping it up. Simply because its probably helluva hard to be able to log caloric intake while accounting for a portion of it being gone, on the floor, rotting.

Never trained with different methodologies like that, but I’ve definately trained twice a day.

Just get your nutrition dialed, and your training split set up so you at least get some rest time in there somewhere, and go nuts.

“Overtraining” is such a specific thing, you’ll know when you’re doing too much. People are way too paranoid about overtraining. IMO it’s an excuse to be a lazy bastard. If you don’t feel like you’re overtraining… you’re not!

Let us know how it goes though, eh? :slight_smile: