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2x Weekly vs Daily?

I have been doing 2x weekly injections of .40ml testosterone cypionate for a total of 160mg week. I also take 200iu of HCG twice weekly for a total of 400iu weekly. I discontinued AI a week ago.

I currently inject my testosterone in the glute and HCG in the abdominal.

I feel good most days but I was wondering if there is usually more Benefits if I moved to daily injections.

1- are daily injections in the glute ?
2- are they IM or sub ?
3- do you preload once per week?


Eh, maybe, in my mind I’d work my way to daily injections, first I’d go to 3xweek MWF, then eod, then finally dailies. Daily just seems like a chore to me.
That said

  1. Pin delts or thigh use a small guage needle, a lot of people use 27g or smaller.
  2. Either is fine, which ever way works for you.
  3. Preloading is fine too, probably makes dailies easier.
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Daily injections in the glute is considered SQ if using 1/2 syringes. I inject IM and tried SQ once and hated it. It was all about estrogen and T decrease and felt as if I had skipped injections for days.

I inject in shoulders and quads. One thing is for sure, daily injections will help decrease the reliance of AI’s and you may find you don’t even need them.

I don’t pre-load, if my life was busy I might pre-load.


It’s like brushing your teeth or driving to work every day. It’s just something that you do and you forget about it. It’s such a small amount that it takes less than 30 secs from start to finish. Not everyone needs it but it’s not really a chore.


Daily you can use an insulin needle and inject SQ. It’s much more pleasant than IM

I feel IM is more pleasant than SQ personally.


Yeah I never loved subQ. Burned/stung way more to me