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2x/week Chest Training

I have made an observation recently. About a year ago, I started having two back workouts a week – one horizontal pulling and one vertical pulling workout a la Ian King.I have recently compared recent pictures of my back to pictures about a year ago and the difference is literally incredible.

Anyway, I was thinking of doing this for chest for a while to see if I can bring them up. I’ve just started doing GVT2K for chest (dumbbells) and was wondering what you guys would suggest for my other chest workout? I was going to do the same workout but with barbells, but then thought about maybe doing some strength training like 5x5 or the 6/1/6/1 program.



What exactly are you asking? Are you prioritizing chest twice per week, but thinking about two different workouts? Or are you thinking about splitting your chest workouts into “upper” and “lower” routines? I think I know where you’re going with this, but I’m not sure.

Yes, Im training it twice per week now. My question is not about upper and lower pec workouts. My question is actually how to split the workouts. Im doing GVT2K right now for chest. The first day I did it all with dumbells, and the second time I did the same workout but with a barbell. Seemed pretty good.

However, I was thinking that it may be a better idea to do a strength training workout for the second one instead.


The back is a much more complex muscle group than the chest; hence, working it in different planes can have a significant impact on its development. I doubt splitting your chest work into two separate days would create equally impressive results.

I dont want to necessarily split my chest workout into 2 workouts. I want to prioritize it by training it more for a period of time.

How long have you been doing the GVT2000 routine for your chest? If you’ve only just begun, give the program time to see how it’s end result will be. It sounds like you’re rushing things a little. From as near as I can tell by your posts, you want to start incorporating other training techniques before you find out how this program works for you. Be patient, follow the program’s guidelines exactly, and find out how your chest responds to it first!