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2x per Week Routine, Occasional Extra Day


Hi Jim,

I'm currently running the 2x per week routine from Beyond 5/3/1 due to a very busy work schedule, and I'm really enjoying it. I also do 20-30 minute kettlebell conditioning sessions at home, where I can fit them in. Some weeks I'm less busy and so I'd like to have an auxiliary third strength day that I can add in when able, that won't detract from the rest of the programme. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for how I should structure that day (if it's a good idea)?

Many thanks


Not Jim, but I structured my training to 2 gym days/week due busy schedule/becoming a dad/work/social life etc...

My basic template is Squat/Bench/Rows & DL/Press/Weighted Chins.
Since doing 2 big lifts/day sessions tend to be pretty long so I have committed to do all my other assistance at home during the week, aiming for X-amount of reps/week/exercise. If I have time for extra day to go to gym, I would still do pretty much same shit that I would do if was training at home.

So I do following stuff whenever I find time: Dips, Push Ups, Chins, Inv. Rows, Band Pull Aparts, Ab Work, lunges, split squats, supermans.... all pretty low stress bodyweight assistance which can be loaded off course, but the idea is just to get shit done without killing myself and fuck up my main lifts.

For lifting I just follow any 5 cycle program and take the most out of those days I can hit the gym. I do agile 8 daily and before I do anything. For condititioning I have found that 1600m/1-mile run fits nicely to busy schedule and is pretty easy to recover from (even if have to squat next day).

Hope this helps.



Here you can find an idee for a third day workout.


Just do a bunch of bodyweight stuff - check out the assistance work recommendations and the WALRUS challenge.


Thanks Jim, I'm afraid I haven't been able to find any info on the WALRUS challenge, could you link/explain it?

Thanks again.


Thanks a lot @littlemilo and @Sami_84


I too would be interested in learning more about the WALRUS challenge. I haven't been successful in finding any details.