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2x dose of M/Androsol/Mag-10 worth it .. ?

Hey. Just a quick question about M (or other Biotest products, for that matter…):

Is there any advantage to doubling the dose of:

M (4,5,6 in the AM, 3 pills 2x a day, etc),

Androsol (70 sprays 3x or 4x a day),

or maybe Mag-10 (2 capfulls in AM and 1 in PM, 2 capfulls 2x a day, etc).

Obviously, this doubles (or more) the cost of the supplements, but I was just thinking in typical pharmocological pro-bb style…



We believe not, which is why the maximum
label doses are what they are.


Thanks for the speedy answer!!

I’ll stick with the labels then. I was doing the “if some is good, more must be better” thing, and wanted a sanity check.

Any opinion on more “exotic” stacks?? Something like (2) doses Mag-10 a day (per label), and 2x70 sprays of Androsol a day (per label) for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of tribex 2x a day and M 1x a day (following the stack on the Biotest web site) ?? Also, any ideas on mixing in T2-Pro or Methoxy-7 in as well ??

[ not that I have the cash for all this, I was just bored this afternoon, and thought I’d ask… ]