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2x Day: Home Equipment Suggestion?


I would like to run a 2/day program for 2 weeks and pushing myself hard before going on vacations.

Since I only have time to go to the gym once a day, I would like to perform 1 session at home.

What kind of equipment do you suggest to buy for that purpose and doesn’t involve a too high cost.

i.e. would elastic bands and kettlebells be a good choice? any suggestions?


I think elastic bands are a waste of time. Get a pull up bar instead. It’s only $30.

And then you can get a barbell and weights (about $175 for 300 lbs worth).

Then get a bench press for benching.

You can now do everything you need. Pull ups, chins, dead lifts, bench presses, military press, cleans, rows, and front squats.

Then after a while you can get a power rack.

Get yourself an old tire, an eye hook, washer and bolt, about 12 feet of rope. Cut some plywood to fit inside the tire and drill/bolt it down. This gives you a good sled to load with weight and pull up and down your driveway.

There are many articles on GPP and sled pulling.

If you train in the gym in the AM - do your sled work in the PM. Just stay away from any cardio in the gym.

It is cheap and effective.