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2x BW Squat Depth Check

Unfortunately, it is a pretty bad angle and it’s almost cut out on the bottom. Next time I squat I’m tilting the camera lower and getting another to film me from the side. Just want to get some input on what others think of my depth from what’s available to see. Right at parallel or no? Thanks in advance.

That looks good from that angle, looks like you’re well below parallel. At 0:21 you look to be parallel then your hips sink even more. So it’s a white light from me, I’ve only done one meet though so there’s definitely some more educated people than I on this site.

from the angle it looks pretty good, id say its slightly below parallel as well. good job!

Looks pretty decent. You set the bar up pretty high, but if it works it works. On an unrelated note ive never seen anyone with 2 sets of 35 and 25 plates but only one set of 45’s… It took my monkey brain a bit to add that up.

Haha yeah I had my normal 300 lbs weight set and a dude stole weights from his high school and sold them to me. I guess the two 45s were too much for him to take. But yeah im trying to lean more toward a high bar squat and sitting more down than back. Everytime I try to sit back with a low bar it would really get to my lower back.

Ya Id say you definitely would pass for depth at almost any meet. Nice job.