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2x BW Full Squat Help

Hey people,

I need a bit of advice from you all. I’ve never been a gifted squatter and currently full squat 155 kg at 105 kg bodyweight. Now I’d like to increase that, because I feel it will help me back on track to increase my general explosiveness. Some things:
-I’d like to specialize on the squat, but I do not want to neglect hamstring work. I always do some goodmornings or RDL’s after my squat session. I guess that makes smolov impossible.
-If possible I’d like to include some explosive work, just a few jump squats to maintain speed.
-I suck at rep squatting. I have hard time squatting 110 kg for 5=6 reps, my 1rm is way higher.
-I deadlift 210 kg (maybe this matters?)

I don’t wanna be seen as a lazy dude asking you all for a personally designed program, but I’d really like some tips. Thanks!

Why not try a Westside approach. One ME day, one DE day. That way you can you can train lower reps (1-3 on ME day) and keep your jump squats or do a dynamic box squat on DE day.

Pick a supplemental exercise (i.e. GM’s or RDL’s), stay in the 6-8 rep range.

And pick an accessory exercise for your abdominals and one for your low back in the 8-10 rep range.

Then finish with some high rep prehab work.

In your history, has an increase in weight on an assistance movement (RDLs, GMs,etc) carried over to an increase in the squat? If you have noticed this, focus your time on those, and of course squatting.

  1. I don’t know about your BF% (didnt mention that), but try to cut down…2x BW is easy to get if your lighter.

2.Set up a 2 lower body days. One Max-Effort, one dynamic-effort. Try to get two days of rest in between. On the first day work on your maximal strength (use weight thats above 90% of your 1RM). After the main lift do a unilateral exercises, and then an exercises for your hams and gluts (such as RDL or GHR). On the dynamic day do jump squats, dynamic box squats, box jumps, etc.

3.I don’t know if rep squatting is important for you right now, becuase you want a high squat in terms of weight so work on oyur 1-3 rep range and then build up, if you want to.

get some knee wraps and possibly a squat suit. It will help you handle more weight and increase your confidence and it should inmprove your raw squat as long as you don’t use the suit and wraps all the time.

Find stronger squatters and lift with them. It is hard not to get stronger when lifting with stronger guys.

All good advise. I would add, maybe take a step back and evaluate why your squat " For example, work on squat technique and hip flexor and hamstring flexibility while doing a cycle of hard deadlifts and supplemental hamstring work will bring up the squat.