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2wks On, 4wks Off Cycle

I am planning to do my next cycle with Test Prop and maybe Tren Ace utilizing a 2 week on 4 week off cycle approach. I am wondering how many people have used the 2 week on 4 week off cycle to great success or how many people have found it to be a complete waste of time.

I have 3 cycles under my belt all 12 weeks with Test e (500mg) and 1 with Mastereon followed by pct 40, 40, 20, 20 for 4 weeks. My weight and height is 5ft 10in 230 10-12% body fat and my diet is spot on. My goal is not to gain a huge amount of muscle at one setting rather I would like to take a slow and steady approach.

Cycle would look like this
Day 1 frontload Test Prop 300mg followed by 100mg ed for 13 days
Day 1 frontload Tren Ace 150mg followed by 50mg ed for 13 days
Day 15 PCT Novladex 80mg first day,followed by 40mg ed for the rest of the 4 weeks.

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I understand using an oral but why t3? In addition, how do think I need to structure my pct to be more effective. I consider your input to be highly valuable.


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Thanks! I am going to order the T3 and Dbol today. I am going to do a standard pct of 20mg nolvadex for 4 weeks and I going to add some cjc 1295 and ghrp 6 at 100mcg 3x a day and run it continuous since it makes me eat like a mad men.

I used to be very interested in these short cycles but not anymore. There must be a reason there are so few people that do them. IIRC, people did a few 2 on 2 off before going for 4-6 weeks off. I hope you keep us posted.

The way I looked at it, is that if on average I kept 1-2 pounds a muscle per cycle, I’d put on 8-16 pounds of “semi-permanent” muscle mass in a year. 20 some pounds in 2 years. Not bad at all. I did them with the original Mag10. I didn’t keep the gains though :frowning:

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

I actually suspect that T3 may be the missing (or one of the missing) factors in short cycle success.

I mean, without increasing protein turnover significantly, how can one expect to gain much is such a short time.


Is this theoretical? Or have you actually seen/tested this with someone? Or heard about results with short cycles including T3?

To be clear–I’m not trying to bust balls. But, I’m very interested in this idea, and I couldn’t find any logs on short cycles with the inclusion of T3. Thanks.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Try it, let us know how you get on.

Personally I would add an oral and T3 (25mcg/day only).

Also, I suspect your PCT is significant overkill, not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that :wink:


I would also be really interested to hear the results of this.

[quote]SwD wrote:
I used to be very interested in these short cycles but not anymore.

…I didn’t keep the gains though :frowning:


Well there you go.

[quote]nickels wrote:
Well there you go.[/quote]
Yep. That’s why I’m not doing them anymore. It’s funny how I have no desire at all to go that route but this thread got me curious again, as it reminded me that a few years ago it was what I was most interested about.

I understand you can never get the same results with this as being on cycle for long periods, or never off as most people are, but the theory was that you slowly but surely gain over time, the next “on” period is alway near, easy to peak for certain periods, probably less side effects, more control, etc.

It doesn’t seem to pan out in real life though, but maybe with the addition of T3 as BBB suggests (though I admit I’m wary of messing with this) and now of peptides, it might be interesting again.