2Scoops Training Log

I have decided to start posting my log up here to better help me track my progress.

Today’s weight: 172lbs.
Goal weight: 180lbs.

DB Bench Press: 80x5 80x5 80x5 85x5 85x5
Cable Flye: BWx6 BWx6 BWx5
Weighted Dips: 30x6 30x6 35x6 36x6
Decline DB Tri-Extension: 35x6 35x6 35x6 35x5
Overhead/Farmers Walk: 24kg/36kg 24kg/36kg

Flag Pole Training Day:

A1: 1-Arm Overhead DB Walk: 30lbsx50yds 40lbsx50yds
A2: Windsheild Wipers: 6xBW 6xBW
A3: 1-Arm Hanging Bicep Curl 6x20lbs 6x20lbs
B1: 1-Arm BB Overhead Walk: 50lbsx50yds 50lbsx50yds
B2: Overhead Side Sit-ups: 10/30sec hold 10/30sec hold
B3: Assisted Flagpole: 6xBW 5xBW

Leg Day:

Front Squat: 225x5 225x5 225x5 225x5 225x5
Single Leg Press: 180x6 180x6
Single Leg Extension: 100x6 100x6 100x6 100x6
Single Leg Curl: 70x6 80x5 70x6
Adductor Machine: 70x8 80x8 80x8

Reverse Curl: 60x6 70x6 70x6 70x6
KB Curl: 24x6 24x5 24x5