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2on2off Cycle Check


Hi guys,

I decided to give the 2 on 2 off a go. I dont have enough test prop to run it for 8 weeks, and i have a few plane trips ahead of me which would mean postponing a longer cycle. I also like the idea OTS1 had to try out different combinations of drugs.

So here's the gear i have on hand:

Test Prop 2000mg
Tren Ace 3000mg
Mast Prop 3000mg

I also have oral winstrol and Dbol on the way.

And i have nolva, hcg and adex.

Originally, after some good advise, i was going to run TP70/TA40/DP50 ED but with these shorter cycles i'll have to increase the dosages.

So how does this sound for mini cycle 1:
Test Prop 100mg ED
Tren Ace 50mg ED
Mast Prop maybe 75mg ED

A 14 day cycle would mean 14 days of supression so when should i take the last injections? Day 12?

Also should i frontload these drugs?


Unless you have used a lot of juice and don't respond to lower dosages anymore, I think the first cycle is fine. That's over a gram a week of total gear. I wouldn't bother frontloading just inject every day, and just inject all the way up through the final day. These drugs don't stick around very long. I would also do three weeks instead of two, with two weeks of pct for sure and then after that, play it by ear.


Thanks for your input Pretzel Logic!


I personally would (and do) frontload the Prop esters.. I find with a frontload i notice physique benefits within 2 days (with T, Mast is more subtle IME).



Cool, i'll frontload the test prop with 340mg, i think thats correct.
I'll run the tren without a frontload and i'll frontload the masteron.

Planning on starting monday morning, i've read morning is the best time to inject.

Am i correct to have the last injection on day 12?


If you look at my cycle I ran 200mg TA and 400mg TP the first day. I am warning you here my left leg hurt for almost two weeks. on day one I put 200mg TP into the left thigh, 200mg TA into the right thigh and 200mgTP into the right vent glute. No pain in the glute or right thigh, but the left thigh kepy me from squats on the first week. It made me crabby it ached so much.

I would recommend for frontload to load 100mgtp into syringe first and then 100mg TA also in that same syringe. Do that for each thigh and then put 200mg TP in the glute. My stuff was made be me at the 20%, 2%ba ratio and still hurt. I thought after all the trt I have run I would be OK but it SUCKED!!!

I had no problems when my daily regimine of 100mg TP and 50mg TA in tha same syringe. My TA was made at a 50mg per ML mix. My first two week is over and I am not that impressed. Gained 2 pounds, feel great, feel tighter but no real increase in strength. I will reiterate I feel great. Workouts that I walked in the gym thinking it would be a "bad day type" turned out great.

I never never had a back pump before and it was kinda neat to finially feel what others were talking about. sex drive is a little better but not much, after all I have been a horn dog since starting TRT. I was pinning ED, next time I will load a weeks worth at a time. My last injection of TP was day 10 and day 12 for for TA.


Yep, I would definitely agree with that. Give yourself a nice kick early on.


Yep, I have injected no moderate amount of oil into this body, and even then i STILL will not inject more than 1ml of prop into a body part at anyone time (and when i forget this and do, i am rewarded with at the very least a limp and a change to my training split!)

I still am not sure what it may be, and it certainly isnt the BA - but for some reason the shorter esters (yes, Ace too it seems) give me more pain in (either) volumes of >1.5ml or doses of >150mg.

Still - it isn't worth deep and meaningful discussion, as i just take the (for example) 600mg and split it over 4 or 5 injections (done the same day).



Holy shit, brother! 5 injections in one day! I take my hat off. I usually do 6 ccs (3ccs per glute) in one day to minimize the number of injections. What kind of needle do you normally use?


I use a 13 gauge..

Only kidding - For lower body i use a 23g and for upper a 25g.

But i would only need to do so many when frontloading, as my injectable doses never go above 2g/wk (and are generally at the 1-1.5g mark) which would calculate to less than 300mg a day.

I do tend to shoot daily though when on cycle.


Interesting, how many different sites do you use for this Brook?


I frontloaded this morning,

1.7ml of test prop in left quad, (170mg)
1.7ml tp and .5ml tren ace in right quad. (170mg + 50mg)
And 2.5ml of mast prop in right glute. (250mg)

My right quad is a bit sore all day but hopefully, i'll be able go running tomorrow! :slightly_smiling:

I'm considering running oral winny only for my second mini cycle, i've not yet used this and am very interested to try it. Would the basic 50mg ED be sufficent for such a short cycle? Should i run something with it?

Fun times ahead! :slightly_smiling:


I don't know, never counted - just do it.

Uhm.. on thinking it through I may do each quad and each delt (and each lat) or something like that. It depends on what it aching, what is due to be trained, the drug, whatever..


So, i'm on my second day. I took my second shot this morning. I trained Arms at midday and had football at 6pm. My cardio was good, no ill effects from the tren yet, and no cramping of the legs from the masteron.

I did however get cramps in my lats and my elbow pits after the football.

Strength was up a bit today, could be placebo effect, i'll know tomorrow for sure though.