2nd Workout In The Day

Just wondering what you guys do if you work out twice a day. My schedule is a little bit hectic but I can train in two different places, one at school (11:00 am) one at the regular gym (any time after 5). I usually work out later, but with school work and other stuff like that I don’t always have the time, so I do an early workout. Other days I’m completely free so I workout in the morning, and have started to workout in the evening as well. It’s just when I’m there I have no idea what to do.

Just wondering what some of you guys do.

I’d work on weaknesses/weak points/rehab/conditioining if I had the opportunity to do this, if you can’t commit to consistently training twice a day.

But I guess it depends on what you’re doing now, what your recovery is like etc

First off, be sure not to overwork your muscles by over training them. Many people see what a lot these big time professional weightlifters are doing and think they can get the gains they are making, but in reality they are genetic freaks and a majority of the time are taking steroids.

If you are going to workout twice in one day then it is best to devote one workout to cardio and stretching and then the other workout devote to weight training (probably not wise to even train legs and run for long periods on the same day). It all depends on what your goals are. If you are looking to lose weight then run in the morning right after you wake up and weight train at night. Otherwise it doesn’t matter too much which you do first.


Yeah I think that conditioning and foamrolling/stretching would be the best in this case.