2nd wk, Already Limp. 1st Cycle, Huge Gains Though Already

So so I have been using test cyp tren ace. At first I was doing 1 ml of each which would be 300 mg of test and 100 mg of tren the second week I bumped up my test to 500 mg a week kept tren the same. I think the problem might be that I missed a day so I took a shot a day earlier to get back on the same days. But also I’m using ai off of amazon I’m not sure how great they are it’s a mixture of estrogen blocker test booster and ai. And the problem is limp dick when I’m having sex just started last night and don’t have insurance with the new company yet so can’t really see a doctor. Everything else is great, seeing size difference and doing more weight in the weight room I have been lifting since I was 13 and I’m 25 now.

@moosejuice0311 another one hahaha.

Stop everything and do more research


They’re, uh, not great. They’re really not great at all.


I’ve done as much research as anyone can do. But when nobody says anything that makes any sense to someone that has never done this before it’s really hard to pick up on any of this bull shit science talk

This is me doing research I’m not gonna stop so help me out

Bro. Listen. You aren’t noticing anything from your juice yet. And the AI isn’t real you are using. And the dosages youre using don’t justify a real AI anyway. Bro you need to research the chemicals you are using, dosages. Shit man everything

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agree with what’s been said already.

  1. the steroids have not taken effect yet. It is not possible that you are already experiencing gains from them. I’ll repeat… NOT POSSIBLE. You haven’t seen a size difference unless you just ate a whole lot the last 2 weeks. And if you’re lifting a lot heavier weights than you were 2 weeks ago, you weren’t working very hard before. It’s all in your head dude.

  2. If you are off on your shot by a day or 2 here and there it doesn’t matter. It won’t mean much in the bigger picture.

  3. your ai is shit. get a real one, either pharm grade or from a research chemical site. Anything on amazon is garbage.

  4. Your limp dick is also a mental issue, not a physical one. Has nothing to do with what you’ve taken.

  5. I guess I only have 1 question. how often are you injecting the tren ace, and how often are you injecting the test? and is the tren 100 per week, or 100 per injection?


Look I’m a badass ok I have wonderful genes I have seen results I have never been able to bench 325 and I did the other day and I rep 225 20 times. My squat is always good at about 600 and dead lift about the same. I haven’t weighed myself and I’m actually on a strict diet. The ai blows ya I’m sure. And it’s not in my head I didn’t even think about it till it happened. I’m doing 100 a week of tren and just started 500 a week of test. I will get a real ai.

I thought this was funny. Dumb sense of humor. Maybe you weren’t that into her.

You didn’t answer @flipcollar 's question:

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What is a good ai?? I will ask my supplier he claims to have a lot of things I have yet to challenge that. And I know the LD is not in my head this shit is affecting me very quickly.

every theee days. Both of them at the same time

You bought an AI from amazon… But you have “done as much research as anyone can do”… I don’t even know where to begin. I know you are new to this and have absolutely no idea what you are doing so here is some advice… You are going about this all wrong… You are not researching and you are wanting answers to be thrown at you. I very highly suggest that you take some time and do some actual research. After that, you come back on here with what you have found. As of now, you are just going to get fucked with and very little help… No effort gets you no help… and then you’ll just be helpless and have a limp dick… good luck


You did almost no research if you think injecting tren a every 3 days is sufficient. It has to be at least every other day.


“bullshit science talk”… You should have no problem understanding all of our “bullshit” with about 10 minutes worth of research… You aren’t really helping your case… but hey, I warned ya…


I call bullshit. 225 20x but can’t put up 325? Something is way off man. And no, your not badass, you broke your dick with a mind trick and blame the dope that’s still in your leg… or did you hit a vein? That gets it to the right place quick. Research that.

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Actually y’all can stop replying. And ya I am a badass my total was more than yours is now when I was 17. And ya I did 225 20 times and tried for 325 and I strained my peck pretty bad actually I’m not a fuckin liar. I got on here for advice because I found scattered answers on other places and wanted to ask a specific question. If everyone knew as much as y’all say they need to know nobody would be asking questions here. And y’all wouldn’t be able to tell amateurs how amateur they are. I was researching as I was asking the question but it could be multiple things from what I got out of it.

Frightening concept.

Just go on a research chemical website a buy a real AI. Its legal and easy.

Amazing hahaha