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2nd Winter Cycle for Lean Gains

Hello, I’m 23 years old, I train about 4,5 years.

Did a first stack ever times ago with pretty solid gains and results (RPN Havoc + Tamoxifen@PCT + stuff like milk thistle, str.berries, a lot of cycle support and vitamins/minerals and other supps), wanted to start another (on this winter) but would appreciate some educated second opinions. My goal is build some lean mass. (I am just not a fan of wet gains, like after methan or so…).

I’m kinda gymfreak. I know a lot about food/training/supplements, I also write for some bodybuilding websites in my country and so on. What I am trying to say is that I’m not a newbie in “bodybuilding world”.

Ok so, I can not decide what to try for my next cycle. I was thinking about P-mag, H-Drol, Mdien, Triumphalis or Mechabol. I think those are really great products for 2nd cycle. But maybe there are another great “alternatives”. So I need to help.

What do You guys recommend me for my 2nd cycle? Thanks!

If you want real gains get real test and inject it, period.