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2nd Westide Phase Complete

Lifts of significance: bench, squat, deadlift.

Bench: 8/5/03
Before: 285
After: 295

Squat: 8/6/03
Before: 405
After: 485

Deadlift: 8/6/03
Before: 500 w/ straps
After: 500 w/o straps

There is a story behind everything right? Well here goes mine.

Bench: When I max’d out previously, I got simply crushed by 295 on my bench. So when I did it yesterday, I got so fucking nutso, and thought about horrible things (g/f trapped under a car type of shit), and I got under 295, and I just put it up like it was my job. I was fucking emotionally exhausted after that. I attempted 305 twice, and both times I got past lockout and had like 2" left, but I simply was too exhausted to get it up. I was kinda upset that I tried my weight that I got crushed because I knew I could of beat that before, but it was kinda a revenge type of thing. :stuck_out_tongue:
This bench was w/o a shirt as well.

Squat: Opened with 315, then previous max, 405, then 500. I missed 500 at 3" from the bottom. I did it again, and missed about 5" up, then I lost my arch and I started to come forward so no good. I could of gotten it I really believe if I could of kept that damn arch. FUCK ! 500 was with the z-suit w/ straps up as well. I’ve NEVER ONCE used a suit, and this was the VERY first time using a suit, and I know I wasn’t getting that much out of it, but I used it anyways. Then I put up 485 like a champ. Was very pleased.

Deadlift: I was just fucking worn out from the squats but I was determined to get my previous max atleast w/o straps since I’ve been training my grip a lot w/ CoC grippers so I wanted to see if it helped out. So about 30 minutes after my last squat (I know, not that long of time, but I have a final tomorrow so I needed to get back to study for it, and I get my wisdom teeth pulled Friday, so I didn’t want to wait), I loaded up 500lbs, got pumped, and pulled. And you know what … my grip didn’t budge. I was so happy. I’m not that concerned with my deadlift right now, as I know it would be more, but I’ll be more concerned when I decide on which competition to enter in. Had my suit on here as well, as it didn’t seem to help one bit. didn’t matter.

So that was my week of max’n.

Need phase goals: BENCH:SQUAT:DL

Good work, Landon. It’s nice to take some maxes like this to see where you’re at and what your weaknesses are. You know what you need to work hardest on now (top portion of the bench, keeping your arch when squatting), so attack it in the next phase!

Oh, and if you can somehow go “past lockout” I’d like to see that.

Just messing with ya, bro…good work.

Landon, you are a fag. Im still laughing about you thinking about your girlfriend trapped under a car. That is hilarious. From our discussion, your suit is definitely not tight enough. Youll need to either get a smaller suit or gain some weight for it to work well on you. You have one size smaller than me and i out weigh you by about 70 lbs. And thats my training suit. Thats also a big ass jump from 405 to 500. Maybe one day you will be able to lift with the big boys. both of us. good job foo.

haha steve. :slight_smile: Let me clarify for those who didn’t get it … 2" past where I train my lockout from. :slight_smile:

So I had 3" left to my bench. :frowning:

Good job. If I remember correctly, you didn’t use any bands or chains in the first phase, right? How about the second phase?

I used some band with my DE days, and used minibands about 6 weeks of the 9 weeks. about it.

This phase was really sloppy actually. I just did what I wanted to do. No waves, no contrast changes, nothing. very sloopy.

This next phase will be designed a lot better.

great job!
What part of Iowa?
I am from Davenport, but live in Milwaukee, WI now.

minibands for 6 weeks for the DE bench, and sometimes light bands on DE squat/dl.

I can’t really tell you what helped bring things up, but about the only thing that changed was that I had access to a reverse hyper, and a real glute-ham bench. Other than that, I simply trained hard. I weigh 192lbs right now too. Thats only 3 lbs heavier than last time. This week was kind of a bad week to max out due to my finanical problems, so I didn’t eat like I typically do. But that issue is taken care of now, so I’m back to eating.

“But that issue is taken care of now, so I’m back to eating.”

Eating is usually a good thing.

Also, whats Westide?

“I’mma keep swingin’ til the medics come get you.”

haha, I know. fucking tried to hurry this again, and failed to check the spelling of the topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice Fucking Job Landon…Any plans to compete soon…And let me know if you are ever in indiana Ill have you over to train…good luck and keep kicking ass

cool results.

How did you incorporate grip work with westside?