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2nd Week of WS4SB and Weaker


Yea thats right what the fuck is wrong with me. My first ME day I worked up to a set of two reps with 260. Now today was my second ME day and I could only get one rep with 260. And my supplemental lift was weaker, last week I did a set of 15 and a set of 17 now this week I could only do a set of 15 and 14. Why is this shit happening to me. There no way im at a plateau, its only the second week of the program. Im really not a total beginner. I just dont know what the problem is.


Bad days happen, myriad of shit can cause it: sleep, nutrition, workouts on previous days (even lower body stuff in your example), etc.

I generally disregard single bad days, but if I have crappy performances two weeks in a row (as in two shitty ME upper days), I'll know something is off with my routine; if it's in a series (Monday AND Tuesday suck) it's probably more likely that it's related to nutrition, sleep, or stress.

Short answer: shit happens, don't let it bug you unless it becomes regular under-performing.


I know bad days happen but the second workout of the program and Im noticeable weaker. If you read my first post "why cant i bench more" youll see that ive already had a problem with benching. Im wondering if I should not have done flat bench for my ME lift. Because my last program I just finished I was flat benching. Should I have done a different lift.


Um, you had one bad workout and now you're freaking out about the program you chose.

...can you really not see what the actual issue here is?


It's not the program. It is not uncommon when starting a new routine to put more energy and effort into it, thereby taxing the body a bit more than you were on the old routine. My suggestion would be to add 10 minutes of stretching and deep breathing at the end of each workout to get the CNS into a state of relaxation. Add an amino acid drink during training, like xtend, Surge Workout Fuel etc. and Surge or some other similar type of product after training.


Im not freaking out and im not abandoning the program, just asking questions because I dont know what the problem is.


Grow a pair and keep lifting.



Couple questions for the OP:

1) Was it only the bench ME day where you saw a decrease in performance from the first workout?

2) Are you doing "forced reps" for benching (basically having someone give you a little assistance so you can finish the rep(s), or are you having your spotter not touch the bar at all unless you tell him to)?

3) What do your horizontal pulling (rowing) numbers look like?

4) What does your nutrition look like?


Hey Luke you can blow my big pair. I never said I was quiting.


1. It was my ME BB bench and my supplemental incline DB bench that I wasnt even able to match my previous lift.
2. No forced reps at all.
3. My rowing numbers are fine.
4. I think my nutrition is fine. I have a good protein to carb ratio. Supplementing with protein throughout the day. PWO protein and carb immediatley afterward.


As in what? What do your numbers look like?

What you might think is "fine" might be too low calorie wise for your energy demands. Honestly, your problem most likely stems from your nutritional habits. Try upping your calories by 500 kcals a day and see how you do the next time around.

I asked the first question because if all of your workouts resulted in you being weaker, it is almost definitely a result of either nutrition, stress, or lack of sleep (which I think you would be pretty easily aware of). So, how did your other days look in comparison to the first time through?

I asked for the rowing numbers because they might illustrate a muscle imbalance which could potentially be holding you back.