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2nd Week of Test-E Cycle, I'm Freaking Out about Gyno

Hi, today is my 5th pin of 500mg test-e (250mg per pin) and I’m so freaking out. I had never problems with gyno or smth like that.

I have an appointment for a blood work. In my 2nd week cycle I started taking adex 0.25g / eod and increased to 0.5mg / eod yesterday. my right nipple began to get harder and more sensitive, very gently. Today it looks like it’s okay. I ordered nolvadex, but I’m still afraid it could be gyno and I’m so freaking out.

Well, its hard to see since theres also a lot of bodyfat, but if the nipple just “feels hard and sensitive” i wouldnt worry too much, thats pretty common on high test, if you got the AI it should be fine, i had a one inch hard mass before sized like a marble, but that took weeks to months to develop, it was back in the day when i was dumb and think i’d be fine without AI.

Its normal for the nipples to be sensitive or be a bit harder on cycle for a lot of guys, doesn’t mean they will grow mass perse, water bloat also gives the puffy look but thats not permanent, also i wouldnt worry about the current look, ive seen guys with this type of look, and when cut to low bodyfat the chest looked completely fine no signs of gyno.

Im a bit confused by the way, you say 5th pin 250MG per pin 500MG, and you are now in week 2, how many pins do you do every how many days?

Hi Giano, thanks for reply.
I’m on 250mg test-e e3d.

I just increased my adex dose to 0.5mg eod. It could be fat tissue also. I’m not fat, I’m not even obese, I weight 83kg with 190cm height. I thought everything was okey and I can carry out a successful recomp. Now i’m not sure anymore that I have too much bf or not to this cycle.

I’m on +20%kcal (high carb) training days and -20% kcal (low carb) off days. I am intensely thinking now about to switch to a cut.

Ok understood, how long are you planning to do this cycle?

I wouldn’t expect really a recomp in just a few weeks on a Test cycle, depends on what your goal is, you really need to choose if you either wanna bulk up and grow some muscle, or cut BF, trying to do both at the same time isnt really optimal, it would be possible but very slow, doing a focus on either mass or cutting would be much more effective.

About the sensitivity, do you just feel that the nipple itself is harder and more sensitive, because that should be not much of an issue, or is there a mass/lump behind the nipple that is hard? That’s something different.

The chance of getting gyno in two weeks is extremely slim. The chance of you crashing your E2 at current dose is much higher. You aren’t fat in the traditional sense, but you do have a higher BF%.

Do you have a photo of your nipples before starting? Is there an actual growth underneath or behind, or just tingling and slight soreness?

You can start taking nolvadex for gyno, far less risky and far better at directly working against gyno. But I’m not sure whether or not you truly have gyno.

Just a slight dietary tip. Keep your diet the same. Your off days are your rebuilding and recovery days. Cutting out necessary nutrients after intense lifting the day prior, is not helpful.

This is another reason why folks recommend cutting body fat down prior to hopping on gear.


Totally agree with this.

I would also keep the diet the same and just bulk up, so you will be sure those off days you still have the necessary cals to gain muscle.

Either that or go full cut.

I planned a cycle for 16 weeks.

I can’t feel any mass/lump behind the nipples, just feeling they are more often getting hard and more sensitivity, it’s a little bit annoying. Yesterday I took a higher dose of a-dex: 0.5mg and today they are feels better. On Monday I have blood tests, I will check the level of estradiol and prolactin.

Tamoxifen is on my way. I’ll get it in 4 days.

No offense, but you have no business cycling. You need to develop a base physique first. Stop the drugs, get your diet and training in check. You’re only hurting yourself. If you must use something, run 100mg per week and if you can’t make gains get another hobby/sport.


Agreed man. He’s clearly a beginner lifter… id be curious what his numbers are. If you don’t learn to train and eat right without gear it’s just gonna be a mess and waste with gear, and probably losing most of it when he comes off.

Dude… blood work 2 weeks in isn’t going to show you any steady levels, you’re still climbing. You’re freaking out for nothing and throwing more drugs at a problem that you don’t need to be adding drugs for.

Like others have said, you shouldn’t be on cycle to begin with given your current physique. But you also do not seem mentally able to handle it either. Nipple sensitivity is quite normal.

Well I’m definitely against one needing to reach close to their genetic potential before using gear, but you don’t look like you even lift. Not being rude. I’m serious. You need to stop your cycle. Here are some benchmarks to consider before taking gear:

Bench press 1.5x bodyweight
Press bodyweight
Back squat 2x bodyweight
Deadlift 2.5x bodyweight

I personally enjoyed the Texas method and Smolov. Just throw in some curls for the biceps.

Please, stop your cycle now and when your Nolvadex comes start your PCT. You shouldn’t have even started without having it on hand.

How old are you, what’s your training history? Based on your stats and your pics it doesn’t look like much. Please work on your training and diet for several more years before thinking of steroids ever again.

No offense if you are paranoid , you can try reducing the dosage to 150 mg and adding non gyno conpounds like masteron or primo or anavar.

The hiv experimental study pointed that you can gain more lean body mass with 100 mg test+ 20mg anavar daily vs 600 mg test weekly. Anavar doesn’t really have much sides , other than the usual stuff.