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2nd Week for Bulking


William Doss
10% BF


Bodyfat is above 10 for sure.


BF is probably around 12-15%


What the fuck is wrong with your chest??


^^^ looks like gyno


Wow, this greatly upsets me.. I am a huge fan of Animal Pak and Universal Nutrition. Why in Gods name did you put the Animal A on your back..... anyways, jump on some anti-E and get some HCG you have gyno in your right chest. Or so it seems. Any how not sure what your training is like

Bring up: everything, but really focus on your shoulders back width and chest. Also have no idea what your legs look like but are assuming they match your upperbody. So hit some front squats asap


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^^ also isn't it a little late for anti e? Am guessing it'l just prevent it getting worse.


It seems your Pec and serratus anterior form an 'X' across your chest...
Or, that is fat storage...

Either way I would try and add mass to the pec and deltoid anterior so that they "over-shadow" the serratus.

To be honest I would add mass to shoulders in general as well as all muscle groups.
At 19 we are not fine tuning your physique I just think you need to address this chest issue and train in a way that might minimize it.

You are doing a good job though. Keep it up!


Just to let everyone know its not gyno, I have always been like this I use to be a fat kid at 260lbs and lost a lot of weight, my chest has always been like this.

No thanks for all the people the were being crappy to me, honestly I thought there were better people in the world.

Thank though for some of the compliments and the suggestions for what I need to work on.


Dumbest thing I have heard, that if my upper body matches my legs, I need to hit some front squats, haha


How long have you been training?

Learning to pose correctly (and I mean, like, taking an hour a DAY to get that shit down,) can really do wonders to help your mind/muscle connection. No offense, but as constructive criticism, you are pretty bad at posing.

As for physique critique, keep on trucking man. Lots more mass needed. This game requires a lot of time and patience, and then some more time and patience on top of that. Stay humble, shrug off the haters, keep your head and nose down to the grind, and pretty soon nothing than anyone says on here will affect you, because you'll be jacked. And fuck 'em.