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2nd TRT Injection Today. Doctor Suggested Grape Seed Extract

Last week I started my treatment of 100mg/week of test cyp.
Im 35 years old. This is my first post.
Doctor gave me grapeseed extract to take. Has anyone used it? I’ve read so much about the negatives of an AI.
I took the grapeseed extract once a day with food for about 5 days, then stopped once I did some reading.
Just curious if anyone else used GSE, and if I should just throw the bottle away and let my body adjust to the TRT only.

You could drink a glass of water instead and get about the same effect. Nothing.

WebMD doesn’t dismiss it out of hand. So I suspect it may be a bit helpful for some things, but only a bit. Why did the doc say to take it?

For what purpose? You indicate as an AI. At 100 mg/week, you certainly don’t need an AI.

Perhaps the doctor knows this, but so many of their patients expect something that he prescribes this as a placebo.

I was taking grape seed when i got my first TRT labs. My pre trt e2 from lab corps was 30 with a 610 total test and my first set of labs had my e2 at 31 with total t of 1050. I stopped taking grape seed and 3 months later my second bloods showed my e2 at 50 and total t at 1450 or so. I did not notice anything different with grape seed and honestly feel awesome right now with my e2 at 50 and total t at 1450. If i was to take any type of natural anti estrogen it would probably be if i was going on vacation and expected to drink a significant amount of beer.