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2nd Timer

Hello, My name is TJ. I am new to the site but have fiddled with some juice before mainly test and some home brew fina. I am 25 yrs old, 6’1 and 240lbs. Recently married body fat increased to about 20% go figure. Liftin for about 10 yrs so well developed, strong in comparison to other guys similar size.

I want to try some deca, with some fina and probably a cutter of some sort or another hitter that wont aromatize too much or cause me to hold water. I want to gain lean muscle mass and im more interested in in tone than strength on this one. Also not sure how to dose the cycle. I appreciate any help. Much Thanks.

Deca and Fina? why two nandrolones? Hope you have an anti-progesterone on-hand. Try Test/Mast or if you want to try the Tren (I want to) try Tren and Prop. Either of these at 100mg everyother day of each. Just my 2 cents

thanks for the reply. Here is the deal, im gettin my gear together. Right now i have some Test depo 250mg and Deca 200mg. Only reason i was taking the fina is because its on hand and it gave me great intensity and drive in the gym the first time i took it. I can take something else instead if u think i should. What should i stack with the test and deca and also what anti-estrogens do you recomend.

Always run proviron with test. Proviron at even 50mgED will keep you from getting too bloated on Test and Deca. IMO, you can make pretty lean gains on a test/proviron combo. Proviron may even suppress estrogen enough that you can run without A-E or A-I. Nolva and A-dex of course are the preffered ones in that department though if you need them