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2nd Test E + Tren Parabolan Cycle

Hi again lads,

I’m about to kick off my 2nd tren cycle but would like some opinions on it first. My previous cycle was test e 250mg + para 76.5 2x weekly for 14 weeks. Fantastic course, got crazy gains and nice fat loss. However I got some sides; main one being bad chest and back acne towards the end and throughout PCT. I hit some HCG towards end of course to get my stuff back working then 2 weeks after the HCG I started PCT (8 weeks of nolva). I did not manage E2 during that cycle and I’m pretty sure that is what caused the really bad acne.

I need some advice for this 14+ week course. I will either take the exact same as the last course with added adex EOD to keep test induced estrogen down or I might try a little less test + same amount of tren (to try keep test sides down). So maybe 76.5 para 2x weekly + 250mg test e once per week. I will hit 3 weeks of HCG 6 weeks in then again before PCT. PCT will be nolva again for 8ish weeks. I heard someone say that you should take vitamin b6 during tren cycle also, why is this?


edit: I might try get bloods done a once a month this time to keep track of estrogen levels. Is there a special name for this type of blood test?