2nd Test Cycle

hello gents.
thought i’d run my cycle plan here with some vets to be sure its all good before going into it.
previously i had ran a 8 week cycle of test e at 250mg eod with a frontload. ai in use was letro dosed at 0.25mg eod. serm pct using clomid. net gain after all was done was 15 lbs.

my second cycle plan is:
weeks 1-8 750mg test/wk split into 3 shots ( frontload first shot - 1g test)
weeks 1-9 0.25mg adex ed
weeks 10 0.25mg adex eod
weeks 11-12 40mg nolva ed
weeks 12-15 20mg nolva ed

had initially planned to run 500mg of test per week for 12 weeks. but on further reading, it appears that the better practice would be to increase the dose and lessen the ‘on’ period to minimise time shut down. does the plan seem in order?

also, i recieved my adex in 1mg tablets. i recall reading somewhere on this forum about mixing it with something like vodka to make measuring its dose easier. i’ve tried searching for the thread but it has proven elusive. help?


750mg for a first cycle, that was a decent dose. How was your gains?
adex is weaker than letro , mg for mg. I think you can use 1mg adex EOD, don’t really need to cut the tab

As has been stated, you will need a higher dosage of adex than letrozole. Then again, perhaps, as your adex is in pill form, it is pharm grade and your letro was research chem, in which case, you may need less than might be expected. However, if you are paying typical prices for your adex pills, then I hope you have a lot of extra money lying around if you do end up needing 60 or 70 pills.

Cycle sounds fine if your test is enth.

Why not add one more steroid this time, as you already know how a test only cycle affects you, and you are only running it for 8 weeks anyway? I’d add dbol for 4 to 6 weeks at the beginning or the end, at 30 to 40mg/d. (Actually, I would add trenbolone and dbol, but you are not I :wink:

Cortes, I was suprised that you didn’t offer him some Japanses stuff, like Furazaol :slight_smile: