2nd Steroid Cycle // 20th April 2022

First time posting. Using this to document my lifting progress & steroid usage.

Been lifting for nearly 8 years now. Recently went to the doctors to confirm my suspicions in having low T (IMO) - 362 FTE.

Despite keeping the diet pretty much on point (high protein intake, clean…ish), never missing a workout (currently just over 120 weeks without missing a week of training at least 5 times) and in my opinion training fairly hard, I have always felt I have struggled to put on any decent size. So I said fuck it, I’m sick of making average gains my whole life, I’ll run my own TRT program. So that’s what I’m documenting here.

Some Stats…

Pre Cycle:
-Weight: 97kg
-Bench 1RM: 150kg

Current Stats: (7 Weeks In - 20/4/22)
-Weight: 102.5kg
-Bench 1RM: 165kg

-Week 1: 150mg Test Enanthate
-Week 2: 200mg
-Week 3: 250mg
-Week 4-10: 300mg
-Week 11: 250mg
-Week 12: 150mg

What do you mean by FTE?

Thanks for posting. I’m going to read, watch and am hopeful I’ll learn something from your experience shared on here. Good luck with achieving your goals and to your health.

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Where are the deadlift and squat numbers?

What symptoms did you have that had you believing you had low testosterone?? It surely isn’t strength alone.

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Your doses are TRT level, so why are you bouncing them all over the place week to week?

I would advise against that.


Yes I wanted to be quite conservative to see how my body reacted first. So you would advise tapering on and off? Am I tapering too much? Or would you just advise completely against it at my dosages? Thanks

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you’re being modest. lean looking 225+lbs.

what size do you want to be?


I wouldn’t go on cycle at all tbh. You’ve got muscular development and more than the average pedestrian. If you’re struggling with Low T symptoms, then just do it the right way and do actual TRT instead of playing TT Roulette with a cycle


Ex girlfriend actually was the one to bring it up - just low sex drive with her. It sounds weird but I know my body that well that I just knew something wasn’t adding up. I felt that my effort to progression over the 8 years just wasn’t adding up (strength & muscle growth).

Free test

Cheers bro, appreciate it. Definitely not where I want to be. Sitting at around 16ish % BF. I love lifting and getting stronger so there’s never going to be an end point, but I want to put up some serious bench numbers one day.

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no units, no reference range. Free T (fT). Are you referring to Total T result of 362 ng/dl? Kinda important you get this stuff correct.

Yeah it’s forsure the long term plan. Will start looking into it. Cheers

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I’m glad it’s a long-term plan, but I think if you keep running the risk of going on cycle you will find it to be your only option, rather than a desired plan.

good luck either way

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Calculated FTe - pmol/L (260-740)

Great, thanks. Now, how do you take that result and conclude you have low T?

Also, provide the Total T and SHBG numbers that were used to estimate your fT?

Also, how does your first cycle play into this story?

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I cannot address your perception of your sex drive, but the weight training side I do have an opinion.

Your pic shows a masculine person, broad shoulders and narrow waist. So, visually you check as if you have adequate testosterone.

Your bench press of 165kg (365lbs) 1 rep max is fairly respectable. There are not a great percentage of people doing 5 reps with 315lb in the bench press. You lift like a masculine person.

Your complaint might simply be centered more on your genetic potential than low testosterone. IMO, focus on training optimizing and diet optimizing. But we all have a genetic ceiling.


Thanks for the comment mate - appreciate it. I’ll work on that diet and training forsure. Cheers

I am certainly not pretending to be educated on the subject, I’m learning as I go but I’m fully open to any education on the topic. I assumed that since I was at the lower end of the range that I was… and maybe a bit of confirmation bias was involved with the symptoms I was feeling.

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