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2nd Pull Problem


In both the clean snd snatch, when I do a pull from the floor I always finish in full extension (legs straight and on tiptoes and traps almost touching my ears). But wheb I do the full lift I can never seem to achieve a full extension before dropping under the bar.

Is this common, and are there any drills / coaching cues / tips etc to rectify the problem?



I have this problem too. When the guy who was coaching me was happiest (and, actually, when my bar path was the best) it felt to me like I was over-emphasising the extension. Felt like I was aiming for a 1 sec pause in full extension before allowing myself to get under. But I’m not very good so ymmv.


I had this problem for about my first month of getting into Oly lifting. If you have the natural instict to cut the pull short it’s going to feel like you are over-extending and that’s fine just make yourself do it. I gained about 20lbs on my clean in one week by just extending the 2nd pull slightly more and more each session to where I now feel comfortable hitting full extension and it no longer feels “weird”.


What you do in pulls and lifts is slightly different, it is normal. Often what you think you’re doing and what you’re actually are different. The transition from 2nd to 3rd pull should be lightning quick and the shrug helps both extension and pull under. Speak to your coach/trust them; if you want to isolate/work on the top of the pull/pull under I’d suggest classics off high blocks.


Also what is being described here by others may be more about staying over the bar until very late in the 2nd pull which benefits power and path.