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2nd Powerlifting Competition! Vid of my Deadlift

I am getting ready for my powerlifting competition and went for a 545 on deadlift and it felt great. I am just under 30 days till my competition, Can you please watch the video and suggest anything I am doing wrong ,and how much more weight you think i could do.


The speed on the pull is very good indeed. Based on the speed alone I would estimate you’re good for 560 to 580 lbs at least for a third attempt., maybe even a bit higher if you’re feeling good.

However, there are a couple of things I noticed that you should probably work on.

  1. Your lower back rounds as you pull. It isn’t drastic, but it is definitely there and with that kind of weight something you want to eliminate ASAP. In terms of solutions, I would suggest the ‘ribs down’ cue from the start of the pull (point the bottom of your ribcage downwards, this will usually get you arching your back nicely) and getting tighter as you set up to hold that good spinal position. Take your air into your lower back, I’ve found that generates a lot more tightness and pressure in the midsection. Combine those two and your lower back will be in a much better position.

  2. Your hips shoot up early. Your starting position is actually pretty good, but almost as soon as you pull your hips shoot up - it is also worth noting that this is exactly when your lower back rounds over. Work on pushing off the floor with your legs and keeping the same back position until the bar is well and truly off the floor and moving. It’ll slow you down off the floor some, but will work better overall. I used to pull a lot like you, at around the same weight, but I’ve started doing what I’m advising and it realy does work better.

Honestly, the two points really interlink. Take your air. Grip the bar with with decently low hips (generally this’ll mean your knees drift just over the bar), making sure the bar is in contact with your shins and point your ribs at the floor. Push hard and fast of the floor keeping your hips low and only when the bar is well and truly on its way push your hips through. Throughout the movement pull the bar up your legs, dragging the skin off them (or try to).

Thanks much for the advice!

thanks for the advice!