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2nd Opinion on Shoulder Injury


hi all ,injured my shoulder benching about 2weeks ago, what happened was i lost tightness on my retracted shoulder blades by extending too far i think and then on the way down the right shooulder kind of popped i think anyway i stopped everything and rested whole body for 8 days--------
after 8 days rest everything seemed okish so i resumed,
no discomfort or loss of power on lifts except for bench press, i did a few warmup sets and could feel a twinge and thought it would be best to stop
anyway my shoulder feels sore still and pops etc it also feels weak my gp said it was a torn injured deltoid muscle which i think must be bs as i can front press fine,
it hurts the most when i retract my shoulders and make a benching movement..
does anyone know what the best course of action with regards to rehabbing woould be
the pain seems to be in the area of where the front delt meets the bicep roughly
thanks i appreciate your help


That sounds like rotator cuff or shoulder to me.