2nd Meet Next Week, Did I Screw Up?

My last heavy week before tapering for a meet on 11/4. This week has been the most stressful I’ve ever had at work and I’ve had a couple of 12+ hour days plus I had to push my BP day from yesterday to today after having hardly any sleep for a couple days. My squat on Monday went great and my OHP on Tuesday was solid but not spectacular. Bench today however was the worst training day I’ve ever had. Couldn’t even finish my second set. For those with more experience what’s my chance of bouncing back and setting some PRs next week?

If you sleep enough in the days leading up to the meet you should be fine. Maybe you should switch your OHP and bench days around though, unless OHP is now a competition lift.

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If the rest of your prep went well you should be pretty confident. It’s definitely there for you. Maybe stop making excuses from this point on and get at it … by sleeping more lel.

My original plan for next week was to squat heavy on Monday and bench my opener on Tuesday then take the rest of the week off except for some light conditioning and stretching. I’m open to other suggestions.

I’d say the rest of my prep has been 95% before this week. It would have been close to 100% except I caught a mild head cold about a month ago and missed two training days but I bounced back from that.


Have some confidence mane. All them weeks of prep have been building you up to set a PR. The works more or less done. Just a question of how big a PR you’ll set, depending on what you do in the next week or so.

Of course you’re correct. I’ve had to make a huge change in mindset for PL. I used to be a Cat 2 bicycle racer and had around 3 race days a week from March to October so if I had a bad day there was always another race coming up.

You should be cutting most if not all accessories out about 2 weeks out and focusing on the big lifts. Trying to move them fast. Don’t worry about the bench feeling like shit. I just competed and my bench felt terrible and I hit a smooth 20lb meet pr. Get sleep in and drink a lot of water. For any of added rush I cut preworkout out a week before the meet and ran on coffee or a small amount of energy drink. Doubled the preworkout the comp day and sipped it throughout. Didn’t even finish it. A good key I like is that you’ve done it before just gotta do it again that’s all that goes through my head in comps. The other line is if I put everything I have into the lift it will move.

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Yep, I cut my accessories way back two weeks ago and added some heavier doubles and singles at the end of my normal program. I hit gym PRs on my squat and bench last week with out intending to. That’s why tonight surprised me. Last week on bench I hit 275x5 then went 285x2 and 305x1 with long pauses. Today 220 felt like it was going to staple me to the bench.

Relax and stick to your plan.

Unless you are battling it out for a spot in a state or national meet, literally no one cares if you botch your peak up and set a total 60lbs lower that you may have got.

You’ll be fine. Make sure you’re well rested for meet day and don’t second guess yourself.

It should be a competition lift instead of bench imo :frowning:

You should compete in Rippetoe’s “Strengthlifting”. OHP instead of bench, conventional deadlifts only, I hear you get red lights if you look up on the squat too.


Three reds for not using “Hip Draaahve”

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