2nd mag-10 cycle

I just wanted opinions on doing a second mag-10 cycle…I just finished a cycle of 1 serving per day and am going to take a break for 2-weeks with tribex. Then I am planning on doing a second cycle with 2 servings per day or possibly 1.5? Then follow with tribex again…any feedback would be great.


I’ve done three, two-week cycles of Mag-10 now. Each time 90% of my weight gain was seen within the first week. Twice at one dose daily, and once at two doses daily. I don’t know why this happens, but I think I’m just not disciplined enough to keep up with the food preparing/ eating required. I’m thinking of trying 1 week on, two weeks off at twice a day this summer. Anyway, I love the stuff. I’ve gained 26 pounds since January 17.

I would recommend it, I?m finishing now my second cycle of Tribex/M after my 2nd mag-10 and is worth it, after all I manage to kept 11 pounds with less than 1% BF more than I previously had. Just remember to eat BIG and train REAL HARD during your 2nd cycle.
Good luck

Would either of you recommend just sticking to the 1 serving per day…or up it to 1.5 or 2 per day for the second cycle.


I’ve gotten much better results with 2 doses a day. I weigh 212 now if that helps.