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2nd Mag 10 Cycle Results and Questions

Just finished my second Mag 10 cycle. Here’s the facts then the questions. Age 44, 5’9", 179 lbs, training 17 months. Over the two cycles I gained 10 lbs with little to no change in caliper readings for BF using the growth surge protocol. Gained 5 lbs each cycle. My suspicion is that I can up the calories next time and gain more given I didn’t add any appriciable fat. Strength way up over the 2 cycles. Before Mag 10 bench 195 6X, squat 205 6x, deads 185 6x. After Mag 10 bench 225 6x, squat 245 6x, deads 225 6x. Measurements didn’t increase as much in the second cycle. Only gained 1/4" on arms and 1/2" on chest. Overall very positive experience.

Questions for this esteemed group. In the second cycle I noticed a strong dropp off in appetite. Wasn't taking any supplement other than creatine, Surge, Grow, Power Drive and multi vitamin. Could it be at my age that the two a day workouts in the growth surge routine is to much even while taking Mag 10 and caused overtraining? The increase in strength doesn't support over training.

Second question. While the poundage was going up for squats, in the very last workout I experienced pain in my right ankle. Had to abort. My ankle was the last place I expected pain but I've really been focusing on getting below parallel and this obviously causes my ankle to bend furhter than normal. My knees are not travelling to far forward. Any suggestions on why this happened and how to avoid in the future?


As you can probably tell, Squats are one of the big olympic compound lifts that can be a challenge without the right guidence. What’s your background in lifting? Just 17 months? Any sports? Any training for those if so?
I was first shown how to squat by a football coach but it wasn’t until I got lucky one morning to have the balls to ask two older guys at gym if I could work in with them doing squats.
Turned out one guy was a amature power lifter and the other guy had won numerous amature bb titles. From that point forward for two years I squated 2x/week with these guys and learned a life long lesson on form, wraps, foot wear/ankle support and power belts that has proven to be priceless. To give you an idea of the payoff, my max went from laboring to get 225 to 405 past parallel! and I was routinely using 315 to train doing 3x8 - all while my diet was crappy college habits and no supps.
Lesson - get some good quality training if you can because form is almost everything when squating from saving your back, knees and ankles. Good luck.
“Go Heavy or Go Home”

Maybe you should describe what you learned about squating and give some pointers (instead of just stating that you learned something) Then maybe we can all learn something.

GH I agree totally with Kathy share with us the things you learned. Some of do not have the good luck to have access to such great talent as you did. Hell Im the biggest guy in my gym and thats a joke cause Im nothing. To learn I need to hear from guys like you. Share guy. You have all the space you need here in the T-nation forum. Please??

GH. I hear you on the importance of form. Fortunately, two of the “older” lifters at my gym have given me some feedback on both deads and squats. One guy used to compete in Olympic lifting. The other guy used to train Olympic lifters. Both have watched my form and corrected it where necessary. It’s just recently I’ve been trying to go below parallel and think that is what aggravated my ankle.

I’m also curious to get feedback on the loss of appetite. This may sound crazy but the only thing I can find I did different is I started using a french press for my coffee instead of the usual drip coffee maker. More caffiene.

Any other thoughts???