2nd Half of Press

What can I do to increase my strength in the second half of my overhead presses/jerks? It seems that I can get the bar from my shoulders to my forehead easily, bbut then it stalls out. Is this a bar speed issue or tricept strength issue?

Closgrip bench incline and flat,… just up the tricep power.

its generally a tricep issue, so start there

If it’s on jerks, it’s a hip explosiveness issue (or supportive structure weakness); get them stronger or sink under the bar faster.

In presses, I’d get everything stronger, focusing on traps and triceps but not neglecting delts.


You need to do JM’s

If it stalls at your forehead, it is not tricep weakness. It is a speed and technique issue. Or the bar is just too heavy. :slight_smile:

When it stalls just above your head or just before lockout, then it is primarily triceps.