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2nd H-Drol Cycle Doesn't Have Same Kick


Ok, so my first H-Drol cycle went great. Got about 20lbs that run, and probably only 1/3 or so was fat.

This time, I'm about a week in, and it doesn't feel the same. Appetite definitely up again, workouts a little stronger I guess.

Gotta be honest though, I miss that "I own the whole fucking world" feeling and the "I can work out forever" feeling I had the first run. Last time I started with 50 for a week, bumped it up to 75, and did a few big workout days at 100.

This time I started right out at 75. Besides the hunger being up, it's kinda blah.

So I can't tell if it took a couple weeks to kick in last time and I just forgot. Or just that now that I've done her once, she'll just never be as tight again.


Ok, I see I didn't ask any clear questions. Here we go:

Is this shit normal? Is the second cycle going to have less kick?

Should I kick it up to 100mg a day?


Just an update. Cracked open second bottle of H-Drol, and it's just like old times.

Strong possibility that the first bottle was a f*cked up batch.


Or it could be that H-Drol's best gains aren't seen until the third week.


Or maybe it's that.


Any hair loss?


H-drol never did much for me the whole 8 weeks I took it. Everyone is different though.


Just on my nuts.

To answer your question seriously, no. No hair loss.


What was your protocol like?