2nd Feb Max strength squats - PRs

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Full Oly Squats from today - 365x1RM PR, 325 2x3, and 340 x2RM PR


Frontsquats from today, - 225lbs 5x3, first set and 4th complex set


workout to come!

Monday 2nd February - Maximal Strength - Week 16 - Day 1 - Squat - Afternoon

When I woke up this morning I felt tired, sore in my traps and posterior chain. And CNS felt smashed - WTF! I guess those overhead squats with the broom and the 20min walk was a lot more intense than it would seem…

I didn’t feel all the strong today as a result, so I wasn’t sure if I could do heavy squats, but I went ahead anyway. It was struggle but I did it.
Definitely time to unload next week

Warmup+ CoreWork+Plyos

Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - Hang slow cleanpull, military press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean and fullsquat press

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between each complex

Back Extensions x8, with a twist to each side +10lbs x10
Incline situps with Russian twists to each side at the top - arms held outstretched x8, +10lbs x8
Low ankle jumps - 3 x10secs

Romanian Deadlift ISO Hold - 40lbs x 30secs

Full Olympic Back Squats - RAW

Warmup sets - resting 1 min
Bar x5, 135lbs x5, 185lbs x3, 225lbs 2x3

Tempo 10X0 rest - 2-3 mins

255x1, 295x1, 315x1, 365x1 New 1RM PR!! + 20lbs
rest 2mins, 325x3, rest 3mins, 325x3

Rest 3mins, 340lbs 1x2 New 2RM PR!!
2nd set failed 3 inches off the bottom on first rep → dumped

Squats did not feel all the light today, body is down and posterior chain sore, but I went ahead and try to do a Bulgarian wave loading scheme. 365lbs was tough and a real struggle, kinda suprised I made it, no pysche up used, just a training max etc. Last 1RM was 345lbs, so up 20lbs. Not a true reflection of my squat strength I feel. I think I can hit 385lbs when my CNS is fully recovered.
Was supposed to do 3x2 with 340lbs, but I failed on the 2nd set, could only rise 3 inches before i dumped it. Not a biggy I was surprised I even made it that far. For me, I would need to drop the weights further down for the worksets after the max out.

Full Front Squats - CleanGrip - RAW
Warmups - 135x5, 185x3
rest - 2mins tempo 10X0

225lbs 3x3
225lbs 2x3 - Slight pause on first rep, then partial rep and then full rep

225lbs didn’t feel that heavy across the chest and no problems powering it, but upper body started to fatigue a bit on the last set at the paused first rep, slight blackout, but rest of the set was ok. Next time i go heavier will up the weight to 235lbs.

Bits and Pieces

High Hang Powersnatch into 6 Overheadsquats
Tempo 1010 rest - 1min
45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs x 3sets

Alternating a full rep and a partial rep. No problems today overall. Working on pulling the bar apart and pushing on the bar hard and pulling back together tight.

Standing Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion machine
No rest - alternating sides
10lbs 2x12

Reverse Back Extensions
Tempo 1010 1x10

6inch Stance Fullsquat ISO Hold
BW x 2mins

Then layed over a swiss ball face down to stetch out the erectors and open up the spine for a minute

wow congrats on the PR!!

i’m curious, what constitutes an oly squat and why are your sets timed?


Sets are not timed, just the rest periods.
The timer in the video is just for me to see how my concentrics speeds are doing. If I keep increasing the weight and my heavier set’s concentrics stay in the 1.5 sec area or lower I know my power with heavier loads is increasing :slight_smile:

Hoepfully one day I will grab myself a micro muscle lab to measure bar speed. But it’s expensive, so I’ve been holding off for now.

Oly squat = bar high on the traps, close/moderate stanced, sitting straight down, ie knees going forward, and going all the way down. Basicly how olylifters squat :slight_smile:

I love it when people put RAW in all caps. Like we need to emphasize that point.

Your just paranoid…

lower case or upper case what is the difference? I chose uppercase because it looks better in my training journal :slight_smile:

i had RAW sex with my neuroscience teacher

thanks for the clarification coolcol!!!