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2nd cycle

i did a 10 week cycle of 30 mg’s a day of dbol and 500 mg’s a week of sustanon…the doses werent the same the whole way through naturally, but that is the basic idea of the cycle. I gained 27 pounds, and currently still have 20 pounds of it, although ive already started to gain weight again and have gotten 3more back…its been 6 weeks since i stopped…

i want to know how long i should stay off (opninons welcome), and what to do next…im thinking that i liked the sus+dbol combo…i got good strength as well with it…but i want to add in some winstrol and deca…maybe like 200-300 mg’s of deca…i dont want to go high on deca because i hear most people dont tolerate much and its expensive as hell!..i weigh 172(very lean) at 5"6 any help is much appriciated

That’s a pretty good gain for that small amount of drugs and you’re fairly large for your height as well. As for how long to stay off you must consider what you want to accomplish and if you have recovered normal endocrine function. I believe Bill Roberts suggests (chime in if I’m wrong here) that being “on” for a third of the year makes just as good gains as being on the whole year long. The 2-on/4-off theory works with this indefinitely. Most other people say as a rule to be off as long as you were on. This suggests being on longer. Cycle-wise, I personally like to use a testosterone during all cycles. It doesn’t have to be much, at least replacement dose. There are just some metabolites that are needed for proper function. My next cycle will be a combination of testosterone propionate, nandrolone phenylpropionate, trenbolone acetate, and stanozolol in equal quantities, 350mg each, for 10 weeks. Then switch to primobolon afterwards. This is a fairly inexpensive cycle if you get the powders with kits and convert the Finaplix or Component TH. All the oils can be mixed to have 50mg of each per mL. The downside is you have to inject 1mL every day and take the stanozolol orally. There are plenty of injection sites and if you use an insulin needles they should be no problem. If this is too much for you, you can half the dosage of the injectables.

Steve, did you experience any sides with that cycle? And did you take milk thistle (cos of the dbol), clomid, nolvadex, finasteride etc etc? I’m interested cos I was gonna do a similar cycle for 8 weeks.

well as for having recovered, i think due to the fact that im already gaining weight slowly again, i have. I used milk thistle, but did not use any anti estro’s or clomid. I had thenolva on hand just in case but never encountered anything to warrant taking it. Not to plug biotest but after the cycle, all i took was tribex 500, one bottle for two weeks, and i didnt lose hardly any of my gains. As for doses, ill put in as much as i have to. My goal is to get up to pro level, so i figure i need weigh about 200-220. I dont expect to get there over night but in a couple of years, id like to weigh that in contest shape. I doubt i can get the powders though, htat i will have to look into. I know for a fact that i have access to sustanon250, dbol, anadrol, cypinoate(test), deca, primo, winstrol, suspension(test)…and nolvadex and clomid. I think this time i will take clomid the whole way through cause i got some serious nut shrinkage thefirst time :). They grew back fast though, so its all good :). John U, if you can perhaps suggest something with what i know i can get, id really appriciate it. And if possible, based on my weight and the gains i got the first time, what i can reasonably expect(a range is fine). anyone that can help, please do

I am assuming the winstrol is too expensive to be cost effective. So this would be an alternative fairly cheap cycle and give good gains. 500mg of test (any ester) and 400mg of deca then switch to primobolon at the end. It’s that simple. Most relatively experienced people I know who have tried this gained a solid 20lbs or so off of it. Make sure your diet is good also and eat at least 2.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight. The cost of food alone will probably exceed your cycle.