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2nd Cycle


What's up. This is my first time posting on here. I will be starting my second cycle in a few days and I'm trying to get some feedback on how I should dose it, whether i should take it ed or eod, and when I should start my Hcg. I'm 26 yrs old im 6' and I weigh 200 lbs. I'm taking tren ace test prop and Hcg. Pct will be nolvadex and clomid. Thanks


best to pin every day. You can take hcg throughout your cycle, some people like to blast it a week or two before pct. What exactly does your pct look like?



HCG 250 2x a week or 10 days prior to pct blast it 500/day.


Why don't YOU tell us how YOU want to dose it


Could one of you more knowledgable guys please tell me what's the reason for running HCG throughout your whole test only cycle?? I can understand if you throw in deca or dbol but on test only??? Isn't this just increasing your chances for gyno?


One would run it to prevent atrophy of the testes in the first place. Once it's time for pct your testes will be more responsive since they were never shut down in the first place.

When running it throughout your cycle the dose is a lot smaller then if you were to blast the hcg at the end, thus making the chances of getting gyno very minimal.

Your more likely to get gyno with dbol then hcg.


Thanks for the info!