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2nd Cycle


here's my second cycle, i'm looking to shed some fat and boost my performance. 6'2" 255 at about 17% BF, a shot and hammer thrower. Ive done one cycle of Ph's, and a cycle a test and dbol previous to this. been on carb cycling for a solid 8 months. As for training, i train twice a day, five times a week. Training time is split between actual throwing, and lifts specific to throwing. For this cycle, i will be adding a hour or so of low intensity cardio 4x a week, probably at night.

Planning to start Mid-February.

Weeks 1-8: Test Prop 100mg EOD
Weeks 1-4: Liquid Oral Winstrol 25mg ED
Weeks 5-6: Liquid Oral Winstrol 50mg ED
Weeks 2-3, 6-7: Clen ramped up (20,40,60,80,100,120)

Weeks 9-12: Nolva 40/40/20/20
Weeks 9-10: Clen (either ramped up to 100mcg, or kept at 60mcg for duration)

I'll also be supplementing with a multi, fish oil, taurine, and glucosamine for joints

How does this look? Also I was thinking about using albuterol instead of clen... ive read a lot of mixed reviews about both, what do you guys think?




I'm not an expert on cycling but I do ALOT of research and do have experience with most of your compounds listed. I can't comment on liquid winstrol because I've never heard of it in that form but I imagine you should take some liver support with it. I really like your idea for this cycle to be totally honest with you, especially using clen the way you are and in pct. I think clen is a better choice than albuterol but not everyone will agree on this.... Diet will be critical in how successful this cycle could potentially be.
Interval sprints eod could really help make this 8 weeker be monumental imo...


the liquid oral winstrol is the same thing as regular oral winstrol pills, just dissolved in alcohol i believe. a couple of my friends have tried it and said it burned the mouth a little at first, similar to everclear or moonshine.