2nd Cycle


I completed my first cycle 2 months ago, which went pretty well. I used 500mg test e for 12 weeks and dbol 50mg ed the first 4 weeks. My bench went up from 365lbs to 425lbs, squat went from 505x1 to 585x1 and deadlift went from 525x1 to 625x1. Also gained 35lbs initially, lost some water weight since (went from 240lbs to 275lbs). PCT was difficult as I had the emotions of a pregnant woman for a month and it caused a lot of drama, but aside from that I entirely loved it all.

I got a lot of acne on my shoulders and back and my skin became oily as hell but my mood was amazing 24/7 and it really improved how I felt. I almost want to just stay on…

I’m thinking for a second cycle I either want to add deca or tren. Tren seems to be more extreme and has more potential for sides so I’m thinking I’ll save it for further down the road. My left knee gets tender every now and then so I was thinking of running the following cycle.

Test E 500mg / w (weeks 1-12)
deca 300mg / w (weeks 1-10)
dbol 50mg ed (weeks 1-6)

prami and arimidex to control prolactin and estro

Is 300mg too low and should I run the cycle for longer? Will deca require a longer PCT, say 6 weeks instead of 4, since it has the most profound impact on HPTA function, or am I misunderstanding being shut down? I’ve read even 1 shot of 100mg deca completely kills natural testosterone production, but high levels of exogenous test kills natural testosterone production too. Isn’t being shut down simply being shut down?

Has anyone ever run tren on their first or second cycle and can offer any personal observations?


[quote]Steel420 wrote:
Isn’t being shut down simply being shut down?


When it comes to deca use for 10 weeks, no, IMO. Shutdown from 10 weeks of deca is significantly harder to recover from than a similar duration of test (at typical doses).

I dont recommend it to anyone not on TRT. Not worth the potential non-recovery risk, IMO.

If your knee bothers you, look into GH or GHRP6 or 2 and other peptides. Deca will mask joint pain but likely wont fix it.

I’ll definitely look into those peptides.

I wonder how a cycle like this would run?

Test E 250mg / w (weeks 1-12)
tren ace 75mg ed (weeks 1-12)
dbol 50mg ed (weeks 1-6)

Or perhaps just run 750mg of test a week and save tren for later cycles. I’ll definitely run deca but maybe in the future when I consider blast/cruise protocol.

I think 750 test + dbol is a good cycle.

Tren was fine for me. I had no sides- which was almost disappointing because I was kinda looking forward to them (yeah, I know it’s fucked up). More or less just to see what all the hype was about with these ‘crazy sides’. Increased irritability, fucked up nightmares, sweating, ‘tren-cough’ etc. etc. I had none of it and I’m already an irritable person to begin with. I’m really starting to wonder about these people that were experiencing sides. I think the majority of them were running high test/low tren…who knows what other compounds…and/or didn’t know what they were doing.

But for a second cycle, I’d still keep it fairly simple- just up the dosage.