2nd Cycle with 2 Questions (Link to First Cycle Within)

Hello again everyone!

I last posted sometime in October of last year regarding my first cycle. It was pointed out that my cycle was longer than most virgin cycles and some great information was given to me.

I finished the cycle and went most of this year off-cycle and I’ve decided to start my second. The cycle was a great success and I enjoyed it immensely.

My first was this:
1-12 or 14 650mg Test E
1-14 or 16 Anastrazol (.25EOD and bump to .5EOD if necessary)

20/20/20/20mg Nolvadex and longer if needed.

I actually included Dianabol for the first 4 weeks at 50mg per day and about a third of the way through I upped my Test E intake to 750mg. I also increased Anastrozole to 3 mg per week. I had no issues concerning gyno, sexual performance, acne, etc while on, although right as my PCT ended I took a long road trip in the Texas heat and my lower back broke out so terribly. I get the feeling that it was a mixture between my body struggling to cope with everything I’d done to it and the increased sweat and car seat friction. As that PCT is posted above, thoughts on that last acne hurrah?

I have a great friend who was part of the small percentage with the worst side effects of Finasteride (Propecia), and after much reading it seems that Deca Durabolin can possibly cause Finasteride-like symptoms in a select few. I had a mental war on testing it out, but after reading (can’t stop wont stop) some more, it appears to me that EQ can produce similar results with the possibility of added feelings of hunger. Since eating is what tends to hold a lot of us back, that sounds wonderful and I’d like to give it a shot.

After doing more research to refresh my knowledge, I’m looking at an EQ/Test E/Dianabol cycle. It’s about equivalent to my first cycle with the addition of the EQ.

1-6 Dianabol 50mg/day
1-14 Test Enanthate 750mg per week (Spaced out every 3.5 days)
1-14 Boldenone Undecylenate 750mg per week (Spaced out ever 3.5 days)

1-16 HCG 500mg per week (250mg twice per week)
1-16 Anastrazole 3mg per week (spaced out over the week)
16-20 Tamoxifen(Nolvadex) 20mg/day

I have two questions for now:

  1. It appears that EQ usage works best with frontloading. I’ve heard “double the dosage!” or “somewhere between normal dose and double dose”. Would 1000mg divided between two shots in the first week be a sufficient front load or is there a better recommendation?

  2. I do not believe that I’m an overresponder to Anastrozole, but then I don’t actually know (I think the consensus is that one would definitely know if one was). Assuming I’m not and taking 1500mg of gear weekly into account, should Anastrozole be bumped up to even higher than 3mg weekly, say 5mg?

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First Cycle Link-- Hello and Intro

I may have answered my own question. After using RoidCalc (WebArchive May 19, 2012), it seems that a two shots each of 750mg of EQ (1450 in the first week) will reach higher levels faster that will stabilize around the third week.