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2nd Cycle, Winny and Test Prop 4-6 wks?


Hi guys!


lifting 5 years
Postgrad student/ lecture part time
Age: 25
Height: im a shorty 1.71 M

I don't do 1 rep mxs anymore.
But im guessing
Bench around 120 KG
Squat 110-130 KG (shitty)
Dl 150-170 KG
OHP 70-80 KG

My first cycle i did 2 mini "blast" cycles. Each of these consisted of 80mg of tbol for 2-3 weeks. With an equivalent rest period with 10 days of Clomid as pct. I gained 5kg-6kg after pct.

I know "oral only cycle", "what an idiot".But im ready to start doing things properly.

Goals: Because i lecture part time i cannot run a proper 12 week test E cycle. I travel and can't suddenly put on 10 kg's. Im looking to cycle around 3-4 times a year putting on around 2-3 kgs each of these cycles as to slowly build up. I also want to see how my body responds to Test.

question time:
1. Should i just run a 4 week test Prop cycle?
2. Should i stack it with Winny?
3. Will running winny help keep my dry? Or would i still need an AI for such a short time?
4.Considering my goals does anyone else have any recommendations?

Thank you guys in advance!

Ps sorry for being such a noob!




[quote]OPProtossBall wrote:

Goals: Because i lecture part time i cannot run a proper 12 week test E cycle. I travel and can’t suddenly put on 10 kg’s. [/quote]

I don’t understand this, can you explain?


2 main things really

  1. Weekly injections: Due to the nature of my topic i have to do a lot of research outdoors. I would not feel comfortable taking my gear along for health reasons(lack of facilities resulting in poor hygiene) as well as i would be staying in a tent, most likely with someone else.

  2. I don’t think i can afford to run an AI such as Adex or Aromasin for 3 months, so i’d most likely get a puffy look so to speak. This is an assumption of course. I

Reading between the lines you think a 12 week cycle is better than say two 4-6 week cycles?


a 6 week prop/winny cycle would be ok. Modest, but ok.


It’s fine, I’d personally not want to do PCT that often.