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2nd Cycle - When to Begin, Short Cycles, etc.

My first cycle was test cypionate 500mg/wk for 15wks., with adex occasionally as I believed to feel symptoms of gyno. My PCT was nolva (40/40//20/20) and clomid (100/100//50/50).

It’s been 1.5 wks. since I completed PCT, and 8 wks. since my last test injection.

I’ve already had bloodwork done and I am producing natural levels of endogenous test again - just like before my cycle.

I know the usual advice is time on = time off, but I am curious as to whether this is absolutely necessary considering my body’s producing normal levels of test at this point. For my second cycle, I am either going to have a 12 wk. full cycle (test+deca+dbol start up) or a 5-wk. short cycle as some people here have mentioned.