2nd Cycle. What to Run w/ Test E? PCT? Need Tips

First I did anavar and winstrol. Somehow I ended up with gyno, yes I know it does not aromatize. But I cut down and still got very minimal gains for it mainly just lean. Pct was just nolva and clomid. I had to use arimidex and nolva to reduce gyno which I still have some.

I have currently test e amps, and for pct I have arimidex, clomiphene citrate, letrozole ( I have it but not sure if I should use it, I hear bad things about it).

My question is what should I run with test e, what should I do for pct? And has anyone used a AI during a cycle does that work? Or no

Gyno messed me up so I’m being extremely cautious now.

I am 5"11 185lbs 12% bf

You’ve done ZERO research!


I mean I sort of know what to do for pct, my last cycle, I only used clomid for pct. Apparently tamoxifen > *, other than letro. Which is why I bought both.

I have seen you guys hassle people who had crap stacks with test e, so I was wondering what do you guys recommend? And what do you think about my pct?

If that’s too much to ask, alright

Dude, you should just run test e by itself… this is actually your chance to run a (successful) 1st cycle… you don’t even know how your body will handle test by itself. Adding another compound will not allow you to know how to handle sides associated with test, and you will be guessing, like you did with your (unsuccessful)1st cycle, which sounds like it was awful and unplanned and a total fail. Read. Research. Plan. Find out why you got gyno. Find out why test only 1sts are so important. Find out why ai, pct, and proper dosing is so key, along with proper training, caloric intake, and rest. But I’m wasting my time cause you prolly already ordered your deca, or primo or whatever your gonna slam with the test e… good luck… I hope you hear this… anndd, you asked what we think of your pct? What pct? You simply listed a couple of chemicals… you need to PLAN a pct. Search 1st cycle plans on this forum. See how others built their plan. And look for the posts that actually were encouraged by senior members on this site.

Well, you’re not wasting your time. I appreciate your time and effort to post in this thread.

And well the dosages are the least of my concern I think for pct. I just want to know I have the right products for the best pct, and then I will see what are the appropriate dosages.

Yea I did look over past cycles but it’s conflicting. Some say why run test e by itself it’s a waste, others criticize test e and winny, it is sort of mixed.

Anyways I appreciate anyone who helps me out, thanks guys!

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