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2nd Cycle. What Do You Think? Please Help


Test e- 250mg 1-8 EOD
Equipoise- 200mg 1-8 EOD
Tren-ace- 100mg 9-16 EOD
Test-p- 200mg 9-16 EOD

2nd cycle. 12% bf. 195. 30 yr old. Doing a clean bulk


Injecting Enthanate EOD is a waste. Because of the long esther it only needs to be injected 2x a week. You shouldn't run EQ lower than 400mg per week. I think you should run EQ the whole cycle. I have heard it takes around 8 weeks to start seeing the results.
You need to run some AI's with this for estrogen related sides. Need a pct.... Lots of things you need to work on. Im sure Ksman will post the pct thread link.


Thanks for the Eq. Info. I am going to pin the test e sun and wed for 400mg each and I was going to do a 40/40/20 nov. After a week or two of the cycle



Read this for pct info