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2nd Cycle, Unconventional, Advice Appreciated


Hello T Nation, this is my first post, I will try and keep it concise but it will probably seem like a novel.

First about me, I am about 6'1.5" and a lean ~210-215lbs. After years of training I have run one cycle of test e @ 500mg/wk for 12 wks. I guess you would have called my goal a "lean bulk". My diet was on point, my training was were I wanted it to be and the results were phenomenal. PCT went fine, I was very fastidious about getting bloods done and everything was all good.

I have also extensively used the SARM Ostarine as a stand alone cycle several times prior to and once after stepping up to real gear.

I recently had a medical issue that confined me to a bed for several days, I am now ambulatory and pretty active, but won't be able to train all out for a couple weeks, this has me planning my next move. Surprisingly I didn't lose too many gains, I'm at the low end of my post cycle weight so a hair less than 210.

I am happy with my weight in the ~215, maybe 220 range. I'm not trying to get huge and I don't compete or really care how strong I am, I lift and train purely for aesthetics (I'm a vain motherf*cker). So my current goal, once I can actually put in some real work is a recomp.

My main question is in regards to my next cycle, I am planning test e @ 350/wk for 12-14 wks. I know decreasing the amount of anabolics in subsequent cycles is kind of unorthodoxed, but I figure the first run was to give me the mass I wanted and this is just to kind of polish it up.

I am not trying to throw anything else in the mix quite yet (tren seems really tempting for my goals, but I want the bare minimum to get what I want compound wise). What do you all think of this? most bros I have talked to say there is no point in going below what I started with, but I am curious to try it.

I plan on doing high volume training geared toward hypertrophy with a few different exercises @ 10repsx10-12 sets with lots of focus on eccentric motion for the majority of my cycle, with a couple of days dedicated to heavy compounds. My diet will be on point.

This brings me to my last an some what anecdotal point. Since I have been out of the hospital and when I was there, my diet has been absolute sh*t, and I mean ABSOLUTE sh*t. I daily eat several cheeseburgers, fast food, as many carbs as I want, eat out constantly, and somehow I am still losing or maintaining fat !?! No idea what is causing this but I will be sure to get the diet tight for a few weeks before I start the next cycle.

Also, might switch to a shorter ester (prop), thoughts suggestions about my situation?


if you're just looking to sexy up a bit and not get much bigger, add some anavar


Yeah, I had looked at var, it seems like a great compound for increasing muscle quality which is what I am going for.

Only 2 things I am worried about is whether or not it will be legit and how to dose it in light of this. Also, how how much suppression it will cause, but that probably won't be an issue since I will definitely have at least 350 of test on board as a base.

Also don't know if this matters, but when I cycle I use exemestane as my AI, seems like everyone here uses arimidex, am I the only one using aromasin?


Yeah, quite often instead of var you get winny, which wouldn't actually be the worst thing in the world in your position as winny would probably suit you too.

I'm actually a big fan of methylstenbolone which is a designer steroid you can buy in shops as they've not gotten around to banning it yet. It's quite similar to var, may actually be better in a lot of ways, and at least you know what you're getting. I've used the IronMagLabs version with pretty nice results. 30mg/day would suffice.

As for shutdown, well, you'll be shutdown anyway so adding another compound won't make all that much difference unless you get crazy with the 19nors (tren and deca).

Aromasin is fine, and is actually arguably better than adex in a lot of ways. I use letro, personally. Doesn't really matter which you use as long as you use it.


I like the way you think. A lot more logical than a lot of newbies on here. I've ran up to a gram of test in a week and now it is rare for me to ever go past 300mg/wk because it is merely not necessary. I think for the result you're looking for, 350mg/wk with a strong diet would be fine but I would definitely switch the ester. I would definitely go with Prop instead (50mg ED). 12 weeks of that stuff and you'll definitely be happy IMO. If you really want to add another compound (and avoid legitimacy and cost issues) you should definitely try Tbol at a reasonable dose (40-60mg ED) for the first 6 weeks. This in combination with the Prop will probably make you stop your cycle early out of satisfaction (and avoiding extra pinning lol). Good luck.



Thank you for the complement and the advice. I have made up my mind on using the prop ester and am really excited to try it. Tbol sounds like a great add on and it's available so I will strongly consider adding it in starting at 40mgs and see where it takes me, maybe ramp up to 60 after a few weeks. I had also considered using primo depot the whole cycle, but that poo is $$$ where I am.

The thing I like most about the shorter ester test is that like you said, if I am satisfied I can stop early. I'm starting to get my diet dialed in now that I can cook my own meals again, still need about 2-4 weeks before I can start the cycle, can't wait to get back to the iron. Thanks for the help.


I would definitely start at 40 on the tbol, I get pretty decent back pumps even at that low dose. I tried 60 a while back, and didn't see any difference other than increased back pumps - to the point of getting them when just standing still, walking, etc, and taurine wouldn't touch them at that dose.

Obviously every one is different, and the great thing about orals is if you don't like it at the higher dose, you can drop back down and be back in your happy zone within a few days.


Nice advice boatguy, I'll probably keep it at 40 for 5 or 6 wks and then quit it. I am excited, I have all my oil and pins and ancillaries, about to pick up my orals tonight, could never track down any reliable or reasonably priced var or primo... so tbol it is.

Even more excited because I just bought a new full sized freezer, and filled that motherf*cker with months worth of great food, this is going to be a great cycle.