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2nd Cycle, Tren/Sus/Winny


I finally got into a position where I’m ready for my second cycle. Long story short; my work was placing enormous stress and time loads on me. After my first cycle, I did a very poor job of working to maintain my gains, because the rest of my life was just too overwhelming. I’ve managed to simplify things considerably. (it helps that my wife graduated from her master’s program and got a job teaching)

One thing that definitely went wrong with my last cycle is that I started eating really crappy for the last three weeks. I put on a lot of fat, so I’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so dieting down. I’m a little stronger than where I started last time, but about 15 pounds lighter (202). I still have a bit of belly, but it’s not too crazy.

I started pinning last week. Here is my plan:

Weeks 1-9, Sustanon 200-250mg
Weeks 2-9, Tren 400-500mg
Weeks 8-11, Winstrol 50mg per day

I’ll start PCT with Nolva in week 12. I’ve got some research-grade, and I’m working on a connect with the actual tabs. A lot went wrong at the end of my last cycle, so I can’t really swear on it… but, I suspect the research-grade stuff was under-dosed.

I’m ramping up my Tren and Test in weeks 2-3, kind of testing the waters on dosage. The Tren is Acetate, so I can back off or bail if it gets too funky.

I’ve been thinking about adding in some HCG, but I’m not quite sure about it. It seems pretty easy to come by around here, which makes me suspicious.

I’m open to any suggestions, tweaks, etc…

Oh, yeah… And, I did my first ventrogluteal shot today! I don’t know why I’m so proud of that, but damn that was a scary one… I “get it” now… super easy once you know where it is.


Edited to change length of Winstrol use*

I hope things go even better with your life.

about the cycle, i think using Tren along side the winny to the end would be a better option. Tren and Winny till week 11.
of course you know that you have to cut out the sustanon before PCT so it clears out from your system.

I’d definitely use HCG on a cycle like that.
I don’t see anything about an AI (Adex ot Letro) very important.

one more thing, i assume you are injecting Tren everyday. try to inject the susta the same way. i know it would be hard to divide a 250mgs of susta but your blood levels will be more stable like that.

Weeks 1-9, Sustanon 200-250mg (every day with the Tren)
Weeks 2-11, Tren 400-500mg (every day with the Susta)
Weeks 8-11, Winstrol 50mg per day
HCG 250iu every 2 days

Hmmm… I will take a look around for that HCG today. I’ve seen it advertised none too subtly at a local nutrition shop.

I’ve got some Adex, but on my last cycle, as soon as I started taking it, my joints had serious problems… stopped taking the Adex, and the problems went away. I’ve been a little leery of it since then.

Maybe I’ll start the Winny a little sooner. I only really have enough Tren to run for 8 weeks, and that was kind of my goal. I found that last time, I got mentally fried after about week 8.


[quote]swoleupinya wrote:
Hmmm… I will take a look around for that HCG today. I’ve seen it advertised none too subtly at a local nutrition shop.

There’s also a supplement named HCG, so if its advertised at your nutrition shop, then it might be that. Nice shop you have if it’s the real deal :slight_smile:

You used too much adex, too low estrogen causes joint issues.


Would you run the HCG all the way through PCT?


Personally, i stop using HCG 3 days before the last Test shot. For your cycle , this is around the beginning of week 9.
HCG is a water based injectable.
On the Adex issue, i think you used too much. for your current cycle 0.25mg (quarter a pill) every other day will be a good starting point. If you notice bloat or sensitive nipples then increase to 0.5mg eod

good luck